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  • I finished my national dex..... The hardest part was getting the event pokes, like deoxys and stuff. Had to do tradebacks to register them. XD The very last pokemon I needed was a Glalie XD The guild will help a lot with team building, thats for certain :D
    I am deeply honored :D Well, it was bound to happen. Still have loads of improvement to go though. I am also terrible with team building........ But, oh well, i win sometimes so it doesn't matter much. Unfortunatly lives do get in the way....... I really should be on thie forums alot less than I usually am..... XD
    No problem, it happens to the best of us XD That's great. Hope you had fun while you were away XD I've been doing great, I've improved a lot competitively( at least I think so, anyway X) ) I am honored. I had to get rid of yours unfortunately.....it's a pity you can only hold so many. XC
    Hey mate :) Falconblade here (if you remember me :p), I saw you came back while I was gone :) good to have you again ;p
    Anyways, are you maybe willing to clone a few Pokemon for me? ;p you should also come check my shop ^^
    hmmm seems you must of left already lol oh well we can just do it a bit later no worries...ill exit the wifi room...
    alright thanks also one more i need to change my games also im a idiot i should of told you to uncheck the clones so i know what is the orignal i wanted to keep them for myself >.< but i just need latias cloned and were all good on my white 2..
    yes one copy of each the original and the clone i want back but the only one i want another is tentacool i want to have a seperate one for the teg shop so that can be cloned for people untrained since im using the one obviously since its nicknamed :p
    oh i remember ill be there a sec dwf vulpix >.< i need a clone too lol so 4 different pokes now minedregion's update reminded me lol
    you posted in your profile silly :p thank god i got the stalker update :p but if your asking about the elekid i don't think i have sadly :( i don't even have a electobuzz :/ i don't even magmar...i haven't transfer some of them from my forth gen yet...i do have scyther though :p lol sorrry just a joke cuaz its your sig pokemon XD
    just add both cuaz we be using both :p since my latias is on white 2 we have to use both wfc codes...i think i still have you ill double check...
    lol i got hungry so yeah >.< alright back my latias is on my white 2 forgot so we need to do in and out runs...so far i need to clone my 3 things on my black and 1 on my white 2...you know the drill for me i want to keep my originals XD just message me when your ready...if i forgot something i can always come back to you :p
    i tried every spread works perfectly im gunna eat first im hungry >.< i just woke up like a hour ago lol so let me eat first and we shall trade it will give me time to get what i need cloned...
    yeah i thought it was strange though lol but good news that parent will work though for any spread as long as it breeds with a parent im gunna double check now searching each hp so if that comes up we shall be fine and ill get my stuff ready that needs to be clone...
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