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  • ill let you know but im having a strange thing my reporter gives me the spread i desire but when i hit it i thought i hit it cauz the hp was correct when i upload to check got this...the strangest thing its not on the reporter as another one with the same pid frame i must of not hit my time or something but the pid matches the reporter >.> but alot of pid do re recur during rng in different time hits so i think i didn't hit my time but really looked like i did but never happen to me before like this >.> i hope i get this done by 5 hours though cuaz this puzzle me >.> everything looks right besides one iv stat which is the 6...
    dang im actually not done i kinda got busy doing other things so i never finished i need it done today too >.< im gunna log off though and focus on this...so ill be back...im sorry :(
    Dude I thought you were gone forever ;~; Where'd you go all of a sudden? It's awesome to have you back

    How's everything been while you were away?

    As for me, I'm pretty good. I just started high school, and I gotten involved with lots of stuffs here on SPPF and on other forums. I quit trading because of my internet lol and lots of other stuff happened.
    its no problem ill be on all day tommorow as well :) night and i figured out what i was missing dwm bulbasaur lol
    lol yeah im back but its not done i need to do some stuff now will you be on later tonight?
    oh alright i see yeah i was think about your shop and you said alright i thought along time ago lol you must of just picked up not to long ago...you know your missing modest right :p
    alright sure no problem and nah most of my free shiny rngs are events and rng serivices but it has to be in silent's shop i work there btw now :p im just closed though cauz i need some time to do some other stuff outside of serebii right now...ill open back up like in November...i think you need those dialgas don't you >.> that is what i was hitting at lol
    hahaha yeah and oh don't worry its fine im just glad your alright we all have to what we have to do real life is more important...also btw i remembered now i have some new events now listed in my rng events link :p yeah i made all my links up in different categories for people to see...ill message you when i get it XD
    alright and lol thanks oh yeah we still are going strong :D also i changed my name cuaz i wanted to start fresh and different i had drama in the pass with my old name so i just changed it as well i was getting tired of it as well...for silent you may have to ask him lol
    lol i had a feeling you were i saw you post LOL that is the only way i know when someone on invisible mode is on XD but alright once i get my rng done ill message you if your still if not no need to rush...ill be on mostly all day and tommorow...
    hey hiyy11 i need some massive cloning to do actually not sure if we can make a arangement or not i may ask charizard if we miss our times but anwyay i need a latias cloned,dwf snorunt which im gunna get soon rnging it now,i need a clone of a dwf vulpix and i think that thats it i feel like im forgetting stuff lol
    yep just say the word you shall be there XD that sort of thing for you lol but be going to work now so ill be back later a bit but not to much...aronox (falconblade) is gunna be on hatias as well do to his computer modem kinda got shot...so he using the library right now...he opened his own shop btw :)
    yeh no problem i can do that for you once i rng them though XD also yeah silent is still around he got his name change as well adn teg is doing great...i have been having charizard clone my stuff for me while you have been away XD
    welcome bck hiyy11 :) its me eevee name change anyway i can provide you with these two events if you like when i rng them...

    Shiny SUM2013 Creation Trio (Palkia, Dialga, Giratina) right now only dialga though was distributed for my country
    English Plasma Deoxys I need to rng this still but have one
    hope you remember me....we were fellow guild members at T.E.G and you would also clone events for me :)
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