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  • All right. Color me officially spooked. The Eurasianists' agenda may have just experienced another eruption, and some jihadists are finding themselves cornered by Israel. Some on Twitter are considering today an official season of 24. Are things still quiet in your corner of the world, by any chance, old friend?
    Ah, yes. You once private messaged me that you compared Ash and Dawn's romantic partnership to the Baltic countries' resistance against Russia. Leave it to me to introduce a new angle: Alexander Dugin, the founding theorist of a group calling itself the International Eurasian Movement, with his essays dating back to the 1990s. He consistently writes in favor of a geopolitical entity extending as far west as at least Germany, southwest as Turkey, south as the Persian Gulf, and east as the Kuril Islands, all to challenge the global system created and led by the United States, and the name he chose -- and Vladimir Putin came to adopt -- for this project seems all too obvious: the Eurasian Union. This ideology supposedly mixes what he considers the most useful traits of Slavic nationalism and Stalinism, presumably with Russia at the top, any and all neighbors as vassals and buffers, and everyone else as enemies, culminating in one last showdown with our water-based system. Couple this with Putin's background, and we have an oligarchy of former spies allied with another apocalyptic cult ruling a country with at least 4,000 nuclear warheads in its stockpile, to either launch or sell, according to my last estimation. For good measure, Dugin has apparently praised Iran's Hidden Imam doctrine as an expression of resistance against America's maritime conspiracy. If it's any reassurance, certain people here, such as Blazing Charmander and Janovy, already know about my attention to this new conflict... as do my fellow bronies on Equestria Daily.
    Wow. Talk about a new dramatic acceleration, to review my current reflections today. Your mention of European mythology might've taken a while to resurface within my memory, but it would appear that European history is getting more attention, especially with Vladimir Putin's not-so-little project in Ukraine. Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
    Hehe. Happy Mayan Apocalypse Aftermath Day, and what a way to finish out a week, in my case. To call the episode earlier today an interesting one might be understating the issue for the entire week. Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
    "Spiritual successor", you say? Well, to go by what I've uncovered up until now, perhaps I can understand that point of view. If that story about the summer camp and the handkerchief holds up, then Serena will have had a reason to know Ash before Misty, let alone May, which would mean that by the time Serena encounters Ash and Dawn in my overarching scenario, should that happen, it'll be far too late for her. As a possible taste, Ghetsis' level of psychopathy is such that his first appearance has him ordering the Plasma Frigate to fire an amplified Dragon Pulse that obliterates the Skyarrow Bridge for the purpose of making a point to Cilan, Iris, Rosa, Nate, and N about interfering with his plan, and that same event shocks Giovanni into basically letting Cassidy, Butch, Pierce, and Dr. Zager act on their own to carry out Team Rocket's long-standing goal. For my part, it's no small irony that the cartoon that explored and demonstrated many different positive paths for being a girl might now have given me a bit of... attunement to Serena's emotions.
    Good afternoon once more, old friend. You might have seen the explosion of activity among fans of this Serena and her supposed crush on Ash, and the fact that "explosion" is the only word I can think of to describe such activity might say a few things about said supporters. Are you doing well in your corner this last month of a most unusual year?
    Visual storytelling, you say? Well, it appears that a substantial chunk of the brony community came right out of anime, including this Pokémon. The creativity overwhelms me even as I type this visitor message, maybe starting with this rendition of Team Rocket's "Double Trouble". Indeed, I ended up devising an overarching scenario for ending Pokémon in Unova and also gained some unexpected insights into my own usual way of thinking in the process of reviewing My Little Pony's timeline, and by the time X and Y rolled around, my first instinct upon realizing Team Flare's setup was to envision complaints from Rarity about their lack of fashion sense. For my part, I was heading toward the last quarter of 2011 fully convinced that my first fan-oriented convention ever would likely be an anime one. My curiosity about the ponies as I first perceived them and that permanent change in my view of global politics combined into a perfect storm that saw me attend a brony convention in my home city this past summer. To this day, "perfect storm" is the only phrase I can think of that most fits the chain of events propelling me toward the Equestrians. You probably won't have to guess how thoroughly the ponies have embedded themselves into my memory.
    (sweatdropping, then clearing throat) Ah. You might not have heard of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic at all. My story could very well make your jaw drop, so I'll ask you to bear with me. It began in October 2011, on the Codename: Kids Next Door Fan Forum, another forum I frequent, right alongside a new book whose premise torpedoed any faith I once had that the major societies of the world would survive the process of modernization. I deliberately paced myself in studying that aforementioned cartoon, and by the time I gathered what I thought was enough information to make my final conclusion, I was absolutely shocked to realize just how neatly Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash fit my overarching argument about cuteness, innocence, and freedom going all the way back to Hamtaro's premiere on Toonami. It's a kid-friendly slice-of-life comedy that has gone far beyond anyone else's imagination, as well, and as a possible measure, the main fan-oriented website I've come to frequent, Equestria Daily, has gained over 400 million pageviews leading up to tomorrow's premiere. Feel free to ask the other Pearlshippers to confirm my story, especially Yuppirox, Adelaide1994, JetshipperKekkaishi, Joltik-Kid, and Janovy.
    Phew. Greetings once more, old friend. You wouldn't believe everything I've seen in the past two years, especially after that special convergence. Suffice to say, if for now, that my activities with the other Pearlshippers ended up imparting lessons that guided me to a cartoon the title of which I'm certain will shock you right away, and even now, I eagerly await its fourth season premiere this Saturday. How about you? Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
    im an imagionationshipper tooo. However i support it just as part time.... because i feel that Bianca is probably the only girl i will support with Ash in Unova....

    i still remain the most loyal to pearlshipping
    Well, this could be fun to ponder. A few months into 2011, I find myself content with using Pearlshipping as a model for other anime couples now getting my attention, among other major developments regarding my interest in Japanese cartoons. Are you doing well so far in your corner of the world, old friend?
    that's right. in BW Iris is saving Ash. in DP Ash saved Dawn several times.

    it goes back to that politically correct draconian mind control nonsense. its like, the ethnic girl is supposed to be so superior, the guy is supposed to be a w*ss and the fabolous guy is perfect. what happen to men and women being equal in their own way. smh
    Of course they don't. At least I hope so. The last thing we need right now is the Pearlshipping breakdown because of one lame episode. Seriously, they decided to give the rival shipping some boost and soon the entire Pearlshipping universe is falling apart.
    Hey there. I feel same.
    I know I shouldn't give up and should watch DP all the way to the end,
    but man, we really didn't need to see Takeshi supporting Kengo.
    hey man.. i see youre from Finland and i juts want to ask do you like the band apocalyptica?? i love their song Path :D
    yeah XD. I admire CyberCubed, for doing his best. :).
    That debate thread leads me to say.... There was supposed to be a Poke vs Pearl thread last year... It was a plot by Pokeshippers to put down our ship.. Our former leader PKlegendheroe stopped it with my friends's help.. we just didnt want to have a debate when DP was far from over at that time... He went away as a hero to us... He was a great leader.... and I hope Pearl becomes canon .. so we can all reflect on good times in the future :)
    yeah XDD ^^. and um.. XDD im sorry abiout this(i found out you were an advanceshipper in 2006.. sorry for spying XDD.

    i just checked that advance vs contest shipping debate from 4 years back.... ah man.. im a contestshipper... but... the way the treated ASers in that thread wasnt fair......
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