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    Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.

    In other news, have you watched Shiki yet? Thing does a better job at creeping me out than Higurashi ever did. Pretty god damn good atmosphere and animation too.
    Looks like a sweet ride.

    Stuck with a Toyota V20 Camry for my college years. ): Wouldn't really be that bad, except for the fact that it's prone to having thousands of leaves stuck to the hood along with black and white splatters that I'm assuming to be bird crap. There are too many trees in this neighborhood.
    Sounds like you had a decent summer besides all the **** that happened in the middle.

    Been having a pretty decent summer, myself. Got to watch Inception last week. That movie was trippy in the best way possible.

    Summer class is actually kind of fun too, besides the fact that the exam renders every assignment we did in class useless. What the hell?

    (Forum lag pisses me off because it only happens when I'm logged on...)

    Redirects to my yahoo email. Don't go on my email much.
    I like all the members together and individually, but I listen to Crooked I and Joe Budden's solo stuff more.

    Yeah it really is a shame that so many great artist passed away. It's also sad that Ras Kass fell off too, Canibus is another great rapper that fell pretty quick as well.

    I actually haven't heard any of his mixtapes yet, just a few songs and his video for "The Ghetto" which was great. But all the songs I've heard so far are really good so I'll probably listen to one of his tapes soon. Which one do you suggest I check out first?
    Those are some great picks, I just started checking out Freddie Gibbs myself. But I'm listening to J.Cole, DOOM, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Blu, Fashwan, Lil B, Slaughterhouse, Charles Hamilton, and Big Sean right now. My favorite MC of all time is Big Pun though.
    Hey, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about hip hop, that's a rare find on Serebii. So who are some of your favorite MC's?
    have you been going on AIM lately? I've been kinda absent from it again, but I'm planning to make an effort to go on more starting this week.
    carnalsolarfall@gmail.com, but I don't really check it that much. Just don't send any links (or at least not any questionable ones), as I'm pretty touchy when it comes to viruses.
    yeah, I got it. I just finished watching Tezuka's Film Works last night. Very interesting stuff. I wonder if he made some of those for international film festivals or something (since there was quite a bit of English text).
    so, d'ya hear what ABe has been getting involved in lately? The whole thing's kinda hilarious, and it's nice to see Japan's entertainment community won't put up with any more of this censorship bullcrap. ^^
    I ordered a game that didn't work on my one of my consoles, but it turns out that it was just my Dreamcast turning into **** (the laser was fading away, probably) rather than the game, hence the cross out. xD A few of my game disks wouldn't work on it, so I had to flip it over sideways to get the damn thing to work. Oh, technology of the 1990s. As long as it didn't cost me over $30, I'm OK with it.

    Everything else was pretty good the last few weeks. Can't wait until I'm in college, then I can actually afford to be ripped off. ;P
    lol Since I'm not in college until about another year, I don't get to enjoy the easy life just yet. Too many things to do, so little time. I'm pretty stressed out.

    But other than that, things are going pretty well. Chinese/Vietnamese New Years was great, Single's Awareness Day was awesomely lonely with my friends (yeah, that made no sense), and I recently got ripped off on eBay.

    Same old, same old.
    Just dropped by to say hi, HK. ;D

    God damn man, it's like every time I come here now, my brain rots away. lol
    It's sorta like drone-like listening. I ended up getting the album online. Hauntingly nice to listen to.
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