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  • I actually find Radiohead's Kid A material much better to listen to live than the album versions. So it turns out I actually managed to make myself like the album a bit better.
    they're like, really anthmic, hardcore-influenced rock with a bear as a lead singer. Son the Father is a pretty fantastic song. and thanks, i'll definitely check those songs out.
    the AC/DC thing sounds familiar, as does Sun Kil Moon. i'm not all that big on the whole singer-song, and I only sorta like Elliot Smith, so i'm not exactly sure if its something i'd be in to. What do you think of ****ed Up?
    yeah, Let it Be is one of my favorite albums. so is Zen Arcade. I think the problem with husker du is that all their records are pretty poorly recorded/produced/mixed, and it can make them hard to get into. the songs are pretty great though. i haven't heard of Mark Kozelek. what's he like?
    Hey dude, I wanted to ask you.

    Can you help me find a vinyl? I dunno if you can help point me to some places I can go to. I'm sorta after a rare one (not really.)

    I'm trying to get my hands on a colored vinyl of Smashing Pumpkin's Siamese Dream album. You think you can help me?

    Also, the Red Off Minor vinyl is still on the table yo. =P
    Hey man, get this.

    Supposedly, I've been told I bear a resemblance to Bob Dylan.

    Also, Happy New Year bro. =D Have a good year. =]
    mostly i've been listening to the replacements, fugazi and husker du. i also somehow found some appreciation for bruce springsteen. hahah
    Yes, silly me, I meant to put ojm9@st-andrews.ac.uk

    I must have confused the hyphon with the dot for some reason. It should work now.
    Not quite. I would say "I have MSN/AIM though!", but that sounds too much like a pick-up line.
    Just saw that comment you left in regards to mine on the music thread.. and all I can say is:

    That would be cool, and I would assume that at some point everyone's ideal occupation would be being a novelist. I know I have and still do entertain that dream.

    My e-mail is faern@hotmail.co.uk but I generally never use that one. Might be best if you used my Uni one: ojm9@st.andrews.ac.uk
    I have a facebook too if you want to use that.
    Yeah, the St. Andrews department of philosophy is one of the best in the country, up there with Oxford and Cambridge. (SA is known as the Oxford of the north... or so we like to think anyway) Actually we have a huge amount of Americans here studying international relations, which is essentially political sciences. Our department for IR is one of the best in the world.

    I have no idea where I might go after university, most likely I'll go into teaching or writing. I'm not sure whether or not to major strictly in philosophy or change to do a double honours course with history. Originally I only applied to study philosophy but Scottish universities have a different system which means I'm now doing history as well. Originally this was somewhat against my will but now I'm really enjoying it, go figure.

    Also I don't have aim.
    Awesome, so I'm to take it that you're majoring in political sciences or have you not yet decided? I'm currently studying at the University of St. Andrews which is the oldest (and best) university in Scotland. Currently doing a course in philosophy and modern history though I'm only going to major in philosophy I would think.
    Sigur ros is good. Started with some stuff by them recently.

    What other post you have in mind?
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