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  • Will do, hopefully. ):

    I'm about to watch Kaiba, which looks like the most original series that's currently airing. Along with Allision & Lillia and the not-so-good, yet such a guilty pleasure Kanokon.
    We still need bulletins saying "LOL I got 20 new pictures of me doing the exact same thing please comment on them LOL!" Then it becomes MySpace.
    Sadly, no. : (
    I love how SPPF is slowly turning into MySpace. All we need is a growing trend of l33t speak, and the transformation shall be complete.
    You really do need to finish TEX.
    Anime hasn't been much of a priority. Kure-nai is surprisingly good, but the only thing that has blown me the hell away in the past few months if Kaiba. Trippy, emotional and experimental genius.
    I've been watching Twin Peaks, on the other hand, and been mostly loving it. Just got into the start of the second half, and don't find it terribly disappointing like a lot of folk seem to.
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