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  • Yeah, all the essays for first semester are done but the exams are in January (so yay for Christmas revision). I'm not expecting miracles but the grades for my first two years don't count towards my degree so meh, **** it.

    So what Uni are you at? You gonna take up the research position?
    I've been doing ok, most of my essays have come out as high-merits which is pretty cool. A few set backs but nothing major. Of course, I still have yet to do the exams for this semester but otherwise things are going quite well.
    Glad you're relieved. I have a total of four projects due next week, it's going to be a pain. xD
    Damn man, I just charged through those old games with just one Pokemon and unused extras when I was little.

    Wassup, HK. Hard going on here now. Not because of my busy schedule, but because it's hard to keep my dinner in whenever I sign on here.
    Well, I play jazz-fusionish mainly now. Think cynic, atheist, death, decrepit birth, that sort of stuff. I always looked on erring on the more technical death metal side of things, but with a large jazz influence. Played jazz for years, so it only makes sense. I don't think the band would change that much to add that sound based off one member, a new one at that.

    If you use guitar pro or something similar I wouldn't mind sharing ideas for a collable online. Or covers or something, if you are interested.
    Hey, HK, know you and me haven't seen eye to eye too often, but from one musician to a music guru such as yourself, I'm gonna ask if we can put that nonsense behind us?

    Moreover, being a music guru yourself, I figured you'd be the guy to ask on this. The band Dark Haven (http://www.myspace.com/darkhaven) has contacted me over me being their replacement as their second lead guitarist. While I found their single "Infernal" to be good, the rest of the songs seem weaker and almost like the band is a "one-trick" pony. They're got some black-metal influence and a slight core influence to their melodeth, but I was looking for someone else's opinion on the band as a whole music-wise.

    HK, you know that Death album I told you about the other day?

    I seriously recommend listening to it, cuz it is ridiculously good. I seriously wanna end up buying the album now. Only thing I can say is that there's just a couple of weak tracks in there, but the majority of the album is seriously worth going thru over and over.
    just saw your conversation with Umi Mizuno. So you go on AIM on weekends? I'll need to keep that in mind if so.

    BTW, I know I should've said this through e-mail (though I still recommend responding through it if you don't mind waiting a week), but I might consider that Angel's Egg DVD... the other stuff, I'll have to look into first (and I'm holding out for a licensing of the Kino movie). All of these are region-free right?
    And I will thank you later, cuz I like Souvlaki so far.

    Anyways, I'll try to somehow get you that Dignan album somehow.

    Though, this site is the best way to get Cheaters & Thieves album... so... its your only luck really. =p


    Just browse thru there and you'll find it.
    I'm not really into lolis, but I can tolerate such a thing enough to not completely condemn something for including it. My main problem is that I still don't have a region-free DVD player at the moment. But anyway, what's available?
    haha, I don't know if I'll be on this week. I'm going to Fullerton for a debate tournament. x_x
    Yeah, idk why i just wanted to read some of your stuff again. You still have those that you did write on Serebii?
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