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Jan 2, 2018
Apr 21, 2013
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Jan 2, 2018
    1. Knightfall
      Wow, that was long. Heh. Anyways you seem to enjoy journey/trainer stories like Requiem, so perhaps you can look up The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] , a very good story. The author is trying to redo it. The original version is from 2005, I believe.

      Crack'd, or How the Love of Seafood Saved Unova Anything by this author is amazing. I suggest you actually start at the beginning of his works before reading this.

      Brothers' Bond (PG-13) I'm a friend of the author and he's trying to keep this going. So, it's not dead.

      And, I'm not sure how much of a fan you are of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but since you like The Human Species, I figure you might.

      Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Journal This is the story that inspired me to write.

      Hope you enjoy the list.
    2. Knightfall
      Oh, I see. I understand what you mean, just keep on developing those ideas. I had zero experience writing before I found Serebii, but after reading a few stories, I was inspired to write my own. Despite knowing nothing about it. And ... Well, it's turned out alright from what I've heard from others. So, if someone like me can do it, don't give up hope for yourself.

      Again, I completely understand. I've read several amazing stories like that, only to find that the last update was a year or several months ago. As of late, though, I've managed to contact some of the authors and find out what happened. Some have given up writing, unfortunately, but some of them are trying or have promised me to try and get back into it. So, believe me, your posts do have an impact. I posted on a story (that had played a big part in my inspiration to write) that had taken a several month hiatus with a review. A few days later, the author thanks me and tells me that he is trying to write out a new chapter. Now, that author and I are working on a collab project. So, again, your concern over a story does have results.
    3. Knightfall
      You're welcome. I've reviewed his story and enjoy it as well, so I hope your post reaches him.

      Anyways, I've seen you around the forums recently. In Shadedskies and DiamondPearl's stories, I believe. You have a very good taste in fanfiction, I applaud that.

      And, a question that I inevitably ask, do you write?
    4. Knightfall
      Hi! I noticed your post on Requiem. I have talked with the author somewhat recently. From what I understand, I believe he is undergoing a move right now and a plethora of other things in his life currently.
      He has no intentions on abandoning the story, from what I gather. Hopefully he responds because I would like to see it continued as well.
    5. diamondpearl876
      Hey, thanks for making an account and bumping Survival Project up. The story is still alive and I just updated with a new chapter if you're interested.
    6. ShadedSkies
      Good, wouldn't do to see the "survival" thread die off. And hey, this place lets you actually format your text! Already a step up from those old pastebins!
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    My momma introduced me to the scripture
    The channel 4 news introduced me to the stuff that produced Hitler
    I was a young lad: Three Stooges, Superman, Batman, The Riddler
    Moonwalk, Windmill, Freeze for the picture


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