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  • Hahaha, well if you're tired and hungry, I'd recommend eating something and then sleeping; that IS what people tend to do when they feel so. :p
    But at least, on a less sarcastic note, you're feeling all right; don't let what people on that thread say bring you down - you seem to be a good guy. :)
    I'm... well, I'm still alive, so I can't complain, I guess~ xDD

    So, have any hobbies?
    I like to write, draw, play music and eat pineapple, though the latter is slowly becoming an occupation, rather than a hobby because I do it so often... XD
    Sure does! ^^

    So.. how are you then? We'll start off generic, huh?? xP
    Also, I won't be here when you reply - I've stayed up all night, so I'll have hit the pillow... XDD

    I'll VM you when I get back though! ^^

    If you are not a troll then regardless of the topic itself and all, that sort of thing is not allowed on the forum here in any section. This being a Pokemon forum, kids come here, so please do not talk about it to others as it's really just not appropiate talk for them.

    And if you are then well, no infraction but a straight ban if it happens again, just so you know. A formal warning if you will. Just keep the above in mind for future, please.
    O-Oh... uh... don't feel bad... everybody has their preferences after all! ^^;

    I just found it a little alarming, but if you're serious about it, then people shouldn't be joking about it. It's nice to meet you. Wanna be friends?? :)
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