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    Woah, Austrilia! Super! I am from Belguim,one of the littlest countries of Europe!:)
    Ah, oké. Where are you from?:)
    Why? I am doing great!:)
    No, it is the first time! How are you?:)
    Heya man! It's been a while huh?? I'll tell you what, the nostalgia is huge, even if the forums have changed up their layout haha. I see you're still active, that's impressive! Still the poke-master you were way-back? Hope you're doing well and feel free to chuck me a message back if you see this!
    Happy Birthday! I made this Ribbon myself.

    Birthday Ribbon
    You know that feeling when you look at your old convos and realize that Serebii ate your message like a year ago and now the convo is long dead so replying is useless?

    well, i wouldn't really say that it was sad.

    more or less, yes. i suppose. =/


    it's very sensitive, though. ):

    perhaps, i'll just go with whatever happens.
    you make a fine point, i suppose. sppf making decent convos lolwut.

    yeah, but you can't always know what is really logical. so you might as well as go with what you think is, i guess. =/

    NO. NEVER.

    well, i'm not. :v

    why do you say that?
    well sometimes our convos have substance. =/

    but most of the time your gut instinct is what's logical anyway. it only comes in when you're not sure what is logical.


    yeah we should be nicer to it, it does try hard...

    i hope so. if i can get in. :x
    how so? really it's near impossible to make any conversation this way, lol.

    hm, where would it be unwise to trust your gut instinct? nah not really, lol. x)

    I CAN'T ACCEPT IT. ;_;

    not that this'll ever resemble a proper convo anyway. x)

    indeed. i'm hoping to get into some awesome art college in london tbh. better location and more suited for the job.
    Tbh what do we have any better?

    Do you think that people should follow it?

    Then I can't accept it. >:

    Yeah looking at what we are talking about disrupts the flow of the conversation. Oddly. ¬¬

    There might be better places to go for the courses I want to do.
    Not that it ever really will via VMs.

    SOMETHING INTERESTING. What do you think of the idea of people having a "gut instinct" about something?

    Explain how, please. >:

    Can you be bothered to look back?

    Not that I'm definitely going to go.
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