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  • I saw that DW vulpix, and I was wondering if SHE was still available I have an arceus or a shaymin to offer or you can ask me for some other pokemon. PM me if you are willing to trade.
    would you be willing to trade a female drought vulpix for a zoroark or a shiny lugia I got off the gts.
    What can I offer for your female DW gligar? Would a Wish + Protect egg move Eevee or a Moody Bidoof be fine?
    You had for offer a dreamworld vulpix in exchange for other dreamworld females.
    I have a dreamworld swablu female available, is that a good trade for you? Also, whats your timezone, I am in Australia (+10gmt)
    Hi, I saw that you have deinos with dark pulse. I have an oshawott I can give you, but I dont have any other good pokemon. I guess I could get you a ditto or deerling if you want those.

    2966 8715 7722

    PM me back when you are on to trade.
    id be interested in one of the mews i have a shiny audino, two celebi's both of which are event and one im pretty sure is unused, and willing to offer zekrom or kyuurem for mew
    I'd be interested in one of the MYSTRY Mews (mine is a hack and I want to get an official one XD). I don't have DW pokes, but I do have celebi/jirachi/shiny entei...
    I need a pokemon with a pokemon with active pokerus. I can offer a shiny oshawott, and not shinies: zoruas,... write to me what you want.

    I have a few just hatched female Murkrow with the DW ability Prankster. Was going to list them in the Murkrow trade thread and saw the post you made last week saying that you're looking for one.

    If this is still the case would you be willing/able to trade for any 1 female of the following species:
    Looking for ones that do *not* have a DW ability btw.
    If this sounds acceptable to you please PM back so we can set something up. :)
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