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  • hello how are you so it seems your the same age as me as well as you like sailor moon series as well? saw you started the revival thread :) I have been watching the new series and I have rewatched the old as well...
    It's completely weird, it feels like yesterday. I started playing since gen 1 but till gen 3 my english was on point, so I was able to play it and know the story and stuff.
    I would like to reply you on the Book 3 spoilers but I figured it'd be best if not everybody got to see it, so I'll answer you right here. That is, if you don't mind, of course! :p
    Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of all the spoilers/leaks and if you want to be informed about mroe information or not, so feel free to not read the following!
    I'm happy she won a grammy again. She worked really hard in her Stronger/Greatest Hits era, so I feel she really deserved it.
    Figured you'd enjoy this:
    oh well, i actually bought a copy. it's not that bad. what a shame, really, i wonder if she will still continue on with her plans of touring. i can't imagine her having high ticket sales, though. but who knows, she still a pop icon, so that could help.
    You know I like Christina, but I saw this on her tumblr tag and I just couldn't help but laugh:
    Surely you've had time to digest A Million Lights? Well, what do you think? Favourite tracks?
    I still haven't listened to Heartbreak On Hold :(
    So I'm guessing you got the import? Did you get the Deluxe or Super Deluxe version of A Million Lights? Or did you just finally cave and listen to the album before you received it?
    Nope, I still don't even have "Let It Go" on my iTunes :x
    I will get around to it eventually, but currently I'm just raping A Million Lights...
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