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  • You were grounded for that long? ...Woah. :eek:

    I don't think I've been doing that much lately, except in school we've been preparing for high school. That's pretty big. I'm taking Spanish, and I think one of my friends is taking Latin. :)

    Sometimes someone who is called a 'fruit' is slang for calling someone gay, homosexual, etc. but I still don't understand how that comes from sleeping with books. xD And I used to be a lot like your sister. I'd sleep with 10-15 animals right by me and then another 10-20 on the bed. xD

    So what've you been up to? :3
    ZOMG You're on!

    I always thought she was a abit too obsessed wit the warrior code to be good for her, and after finishing "Sunset" I wondered if that's what the Erins had seriously planned all along. It's funny how they mature.
    Do you mean hard as in difficult taking it out, or the the beak itself was hard? xD Either way, it's a yes. I never knew squids had beaks and it was weird but neat to find out about that.

    I think I've heard about that trainer from the first season...I really need to rewatch the first 5 seasons and I should probably watch some D/P. I need to catch up on anything that isn't Advanced. XD

    Latin seems easy because so many words in English come from Latin, I'm able to understand easier words like that. Choosing a language based on it's usefulness, I'd pick Spanish. I don't want to learn Spanish but I suppose I have to in order to be more successful later on.

    Why would your brother call you a fruit? I know what 'fruit' is used as slang for, but I don't know how that could apply to you from sleeping with books. XD
    I've never really tried sleeping with a book...but I still sleep with stuffed animals. :x

    An hour and a half? Woah.XD My friend was taking the medication only for a week or two, she had started in again last year but she wouldn't laugh like before.

    I can still make her laugh because I'll bring up something that happened two years ago. One time we were at my house before my mom came home and we had a snack and some Mountain Dew. I said something along the lines of 'pantyhose are feminine' and she was right in the middle of drinking Mountain Dew. She tried to hold it in but ended up spraying it all over the living room carpet.XD Later on she did it again but over the sink instead. I remind her of that pretty often (I did it yesterday, too) and she always laughs about it. XD

    Has anyone been able to bend a spoon with their mind? I always thought it was some sort of trick. And, too bad for your brother. XD
    Yup, squids have beaks. We had to pull it out when we dissected it, that was cool. :D

    That's a continuing thing in the anime, there are two people who are rivals, I'm calling them Person A and Person B (how original!). Anyways, Person A and B are rivals and Person B is usually more rude/mean than person A is. Both of them battle and battle and Person B will win a good 90%-100% until they have a huge final battle later on in the show which Person A finally wins. That format was used for both Ash/Gary and May/Drew so I'm guessing it's going happen again with Ash/Paul. I haven't seen Ash and Paul battle before...maybe once, I'm not sure. I think Ash has won at least one battle against him so far. I really hope that Paul doesn't change his personality, I like the fact that he's so cold and heartless, he makes an awesome rival that way. (And there was another paragraph about the anime...XD)

    Latin is helpful for things, like the names of animals and Jeopardy. XD I think Latin is a language at the high school around here...And you are not weird! >:O

    One time my friend, Amber, was on medication that made her laugh. Whenever she'd here a joke or something funny she wouldn't be abke to stop laughing. I loved teasing her.XD I wish she was still taking that stuff.

    So it's like an illusion-type thing?
    lol. I guess some guys aren't as good for dissections as others.xD When we dissected the squid last year, my partner was pretty eager to do some things...although I was forced to do whatever he didn't want to (but it wasn't much).

    My biggest regret of Gary aside from the personality change was the fact is that he didn't battle Ash very much. If Gary was such a jerk it should've been because Ash was never able to beat him. Gary seemed to come off as a bully more than a rival. :/ (I have lots of opinions for the anime XD)

    ...The whole public school thing confuses me! So, you don't go to public school, you go to school at home but you can't say it's home-schooling? X:

    What does Valde bene mean? Sorry if I sound stupid. So you slept for half an hour? I wouldn't even fall asleep that soon. I remember one time when my friend and I stayed up for 24 hours because she wasn't allowed to sleep for some medical thing. I was practically hallucinating around 4:00 AM. XD

    That does seem like a pretty hard thing for him. Maybe he'll just stay home and they'll give his work to him?

    ...I don't get what you posted last, with or without the spaces.XD
    I suppose it sounds cool but even the idea of touching an acual eyeball kinda grosses me out, there better be a guy at the table because he's gonna do it! XD (I'm not really a girly-girl about gross things, but I have limits. xP)
    I thought that the owl pellet was a...different part. I never thought about a live owl pellet being cute, but you're right! :D

    I don't like it when arrogant people change like how Gary did, I understand that he should have but he was more fun as a jerk. "Gary was here, Ash is a loser" was priceless. XD

    Umm... the club should be linked onto my profile because I'm a member (I'm the leader/owner XD). You don't have to join if you don't want to, I'm not making anyone. Which game is it you have?

    So do you not go to public school? Like an online school/class or something? Sorry if I misunderstood. ^^'

    I never make fics out of my stories, only in my head. I have an imaginary book up there. :p What I need is a cable to hook up to my head so I can put stuff in there on the internet.XD The notebook seems like a great solution. :)

    I've been sleeping alright lately, probably because school makes me tired. How can you read through a book for everyday? I could do that but only with manga books or something. XD

    Sorry to hear about your neighbor, that must really suck for him. Hope he feels better soon. :3 (But seriously, how will he do his work? O:)
    I go to a public middle school just around a mile or two away from me. The reason it doesn't cut out so much time is because I had a sort of schedule over the summer. I was home for about 9 hours by myself, about 7 was on the computer, one hour for lunch and another for DDR. Now that school's started, I don't get home till after three and half about two and a half hours until my mom gets home. I usually don't go on after she gets home because she says that going on the computer late at night 'stimulates my brain' so it's a reason why I have trouble falling asleep. I almost fear going to bed because I'm worried I won't be able to sleep, it usually takes me around an hour o an hour and a hlaf until I do. The real reason is that thoughts are always running through my head and it keeps me up. Most of my thoughts are little stories I make (about Contestshipping xD) and so it tends to keep me up. Last night I didn't fall asleep for around 2-3 hours...I didn't check the time so I'm not sure, but it was horrible. D:

    Have fun babysitting...or catsitting? XD

    Talk to you Monday, I guess. :)
    A cow's eyeball? Woah. XD We dissected something from an owl...it was like...it's barf or whatever(so gross to talk about).XD That was way back in 5th grade, but it was interesting.

    New Moon is supposed to come out in theaters Nov. 20th, I'm not excited about it, I mean I'll go but it's not at the top of my list. Hopefully, the acting will be better in this movie (I didn't like Twilight's acting at all >.<).

    There's nothing wrong with liking Victoria, especially if you have reasoning. I tend to like the arrogant jerks or bad guys. Why? Well...because they remind me of someone. Hint: Remember my fangirlishness? :p

    I LOVE DDR. XD In fact, I'm playing it right now, on controller. I have 9 games of it, 7 for PS2 and 2 for Wii. I can A/AA virtually every song expert or challenge on controller, unless it's a boss song, I get B's or C's on some really tough ones. On the mat I can get an A on expert/heavy songs as long as they're an 8-footer or less. In the arcade I tend to get B's. I'm not sure how long I've been playing this...a little over 2 years maybe? Anyways, I'm super obsessive over that game.xD (I made a club for it on here but no one has joined yet)

    Like I said, I'm not sure how muscular they would be, I think it's just mostly opinion on how you'd expect it to be. Unless there is some werewolf out there, nothing can really be certain.
    Do you know where you would've lived if you had moved to Ohio?

    I don't know where their stomachs are...I don't know where you could even find it! All their organs are probably stuffed and squished together (eww...XD) because once I dissected a squid for Science last year, and surprisingly, it's stomach wasn't very large.

    I wanted my mom to read Twilight and she really likes it. Now that she's done reading the books she's not as crazy over it. I have a few months until the Twilight Craze pops up again. New Moon comes out on my mom's brithday so I'm going to make that her present.XD

    I don't really like Jacob, he seems to whiny to me. My favorite vampire is Jasper, because he is awesome. I loved how in the movie they said he always looked like he was in pain. XD

    I'm not an expert at wolves or anything, but I do think they're strong, whether it comes from running or not. You'd be surprised how muscular your legs did get if you ran everyday. I played DDR everyday over summer for about 30-60 minutes and my legs gained lots of muscle, I'm guessing running would do the same.

    Sadly, I can't come online here much anymore because school cuts out five hours of computer time I used to have; not much video game time either. D:
    Luckily today is Friday so I can be online till 11 o' clock. :p
    Milk chocolate is nice, it's creamier than dark (that's why it's 'milk' xD) but I just like the rich flavor of dark. It wasn't until a little while ago I found out that white chocolate wasn't acually chocolate. It makes sence, it doesn't really taste like chocolate...but then why would they call it that? o:

    I didn't know that your chocolate preferrence helped determine your personality. In my mind, I think that milk chocolate would be the more indoors loving type because if it's warm and cozy, that could be like home. Then again, I know nothing of the whole chocolate-personality thing.xD

    I live in northeastern Ohio, about 30 miles away from Cleveland. I've never really been out of state over by you, the farthest I've ever been is Canada for when we went to Niagara Falls (mulitple times).

    They can still sting you when they're dead? Eww. D: And I can understand why it would creep you out, I'd probably freak if it got that close to me. What did it look like when it was eating?

    lol. Her school sure does sound weird.xD
    My one friend enjoys trying to be vampiric because she's Twilight-obsessed, no one really notices though. xD It's not that weird for kids to lick/drink they're blood because I'll admit...it has an interesting flavor to it. I'd do the same.
    I think that werewolves might be taller or bulkier than most people since wolves are pretty muscular with running and all...then again, not an expert, so I don't know.xD
    Ooh, successful love life? I like the sound of that. :p The whole watch/read rather than doing thing is also true about myself, I prefer reading how to do something.

    You must be up around Oregon/Washington if you're going to those landmarks, right? I feel bad for the guy who missed the river...I wonder what it would be called if he did find it. o:

    That's cool finding a jellyfish, dead or alive, I've only seen them in an aquarium at the zoo and on T.V. Was is really big a gross looking? (Like a blob of jelly xD)

    Why would they think she's a vampire? Another girl and myself like to call ourselves vampires because we have our permanant 'vampire teeth' (The sharper ones at the top half of your mouth) growing over the baby ones. I'd rather be accused of being a faerie than a werewolf, faeries are supposed to be cute, I think, I don't believe it's the same case with werewolves.xD
    And if someone accused me of being a troll, they'd never see the light of day again. >:D
    So have you watched the episodes you're watching now before? I understand that it could be hard if you skip around but if you go through an episode guide/summary it's not too complicated. :3

    I love dark chocolate much more, especially on raspberries! <3

    You remind me of a friend I have on another website, she's always busy with her siblings and everything like that. I still don't understand how both of you can do all that. o:

    That's a lot of places to go. I usually don't like having to go everywhere, I rather stay home and play video games or go on the computer. On weekends I love to get out and do something but I'm not a busy-body. And, lol, Cape Dissapointment? That's not a very positive name for a place.XD
    Lol. XD
    Really? Your dad is a Math wiz too? Cool! I'm really good at Reading and Writing, but I'm not as well in math. ^^;
    Well, I know:
    A little Japanese,
    Some Spanish,
    Barely any French,
    and a little bit of Romanian. Just that one sentence>>>( Salut ce mai Faci'?)
    As far as I know, Drew doesn't have a last name and I doubt it's Rose....it better not be because that's too corny.xD That part of the episode always makes me laugh. xp

    Oatmeal chocolate chip? Great, now I want cookies...xD Even when I have sleepovers with friends we usually have to be in bed by a certain time because my friends will always have something to do early on in the morning. Usually we go to bed around 1-2, but I don't think we'd be allowed to bake cookies super-late.

    I've watched most episodes on DVD because I own the complete 9th season. Last year around this time on Cartoon Network, they were playing the entire 6th season on for an hour starting at 7 in the morning. I'd record each episode and watch them a couple hours later. I think you can find almost any Advanced Gen. episode just by looking up the title or episode number on Google, I've done that when I just feel like watching certain episodes.
    I don't have any brothers or sisters, but I'm not sure if that's good or bad. My friends tell me I'm lucky, but I get pretty bored around here. (Sometimes I count my blessings because one friend, Leah, has a sister who is a huge pain. xD) I don't find it weird living without a dad because I've been used to it so long. In a way, I consider my mom both my mom and dad. When I was in elementary school, there were things for breakfast where you could bring your dad or mom on separate occasions. On the day for dads I would bring my mom and some kids would ask about it, I didn't think it was as weird as they did. On my last year there I saw that 2-3 other kids ended up bringing their moms as well, it made me happy. :)
    Does your sister have a job that makes her get up early? o:

    Alright, I'll talk to you tommarrow morning. xD
    You have a really short attention span? XD

    My attention Span is weird, I'll pay attention if whatever it is i'm doing or takling about is making or watching anime.
    O the other hand, If it's about Math and stuff, ..... eh... ^^;
    But oddly, I still do well in school. 0_0
    Let's see...
    Howdy' Partner!
    Salut ce mai faci'? (hi, what are you doing?)
    XDXDXD I know a LOT of diffrent ways to say hi.
    I love romance, that's why I'm such a crazy shipper.xD I suppose Halo counts as action, but I've never played/watched it before.

    I dislike the dub names because seriously...Ketchum? Sketchit? The puns are terrible. I'm kinda glad that May or anyone else I like didn't get last names because they would probably be really corny.xD (Maybe the writers couldn't think of any, could that be why they don't have last names? o:)

    Ha, I agree with eating the cookies, more for yourself.xD I don't really make anything like cookies or stuff like that...maybe I should try it sometime.

    The Frontier Brains are introduced in the show around the end of the 8th season (Advanced Battle) and the entire 9th season (Battle Frontier). I don't remember anything about Brock's Zubat evolving, but then again, I haven't seen much of the first 5 seasons since I was 6 or 7, so I don't remember much. My goal right now is to watch every episode in seasons 6-9, I just have to watch episodes here and there since I've seen so many already.

    Woah...lots of siblings. And, it's none of your beeswax! lol. I don't mind telling you.xD
    My dad died when I was a little over 2 years old, he had a problem with his heart but he couldn't get a transplant soon enough.

    I went to bed at 11:30 last night like most weekends.xD How can you stay up so late? Even if I slept in a bit longer I think I'd be pretty tired.
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