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  • I too want to learn about music. I'm forever going on about how great a song is or even an album but I don't know anything about the instruments. My descriptive language isn't great and nor is my knowledge of how to identify genres/insturments e.g. is it indie pop or indie rock? The thing is, I don't even know how I'd begin to understand something like that.

    Haha I don't like a metalhead either. The fashion is the side of metal I'd stay away from :D
    See? Anthrax convinced you with their awesomeness :D
    They are good musicians. Being one of the Big 4 means something ;)
    Its rare to find someone that does like metal. Im the only person among my friends who can "tolerate" or enjoy metal. To call myself a metalhead would be too far but I do like it ;) Would you call yourself a metalhead? Judging by your list of favourite bands I'd say you were :p
    Have you heard a song called 'Four Chords'? It basically describes how all songs are 'based' of the same rhythm, but computer-generated music has to be the worst kind-I know nearly all songs now are edited with computer tech, but some songs are like *whoo, is there actually going to be and talent or singing in here?*

    It's better than swearing *Looks innocent*
    Some pop songs are actually pretty good, but there often by artists who come on scene the disappear into the mists of time.

    And I often say your username alot XD
    Heeeeyyy there, welcome to the forums (One day late, but it's still a welcome ^^)

    I also see you have an awesomes taste in music (Many peeps on here do listen to rock and metal, but listen to the mainstream stuff, or the stuff that has been in the charts, so they don't know the actual little gems)

    Anyways, welcome again, anything you need to know, just ask ^_^
    Aww, I love Anthrax. We've Come For You All and Among the Living are fantastic albums. Black Sabbath is also awesome. You gotta love Ozzy :D
    Iron Maiden have some goods songs but I'll admit I haven't heard a lot of their stuff. "Fear of the duuuuuuuck!" haha :p

    As I said in your thread, I like anything that has me nodding along :)
    Haha that is very true. People are too quick to dismiss metal. They assume it's all screaming/grunting. Not all of it sounds like a typewriter, you know? Do you have a favourite band?

    Btw, to reply to my message, you have to click on my profile and leave a message there. Otherwise, I can't know you've replied :p
    :-D Thanks Do not hear that often that my Musical taste is all that good though ;-) you know with all the pop takin' over and... ;-) I certainly will have fun here!
    Welcome to the forums!

    I see you are also a big music fan(with good taste too). I hope you have fun around the forums :D
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