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  • Ah, but forums such as these thrive on speculation. Besides, we all know that Trip's defeat by Ash is what we all want to see. (Maybe not as much as we wanted to see Paul's, but hey, I'll settle for what I can get.)
    i know what you mean :). For the first time in 2 years, I feel like something is reborn, out of the ashes. I mean, this feeling.. its so... unbelievable. If things work out our way, it will be worth it.
    man im so happy youre back :). THis is a dream come true.. Now if only Facescar would return... Pearlshipping comeback is set..
    you're still heeeeere!!!! I'm still heeeeere!!! well to let you know I was looking through everything music-wise and pokemon-wise, and I realize that Satoshi and Hikari's bond and development really stuck out in the pokemon series as a whole. What really got me was their choice of music showing how much they'll miss each other in DP191 and in other episodes that showed emotion. It's not just seeing or listening to voices, it's the music. I saw the show soundtrack from 1997-2010, and saw that Satoshi and Hikari's themes and the high touch theme was included showing that their bond still exists even though it's not presented in the anime for now. I have a feeling that they'll make comeback sometime in the years to come. Please keep your faith and not give up on them, it'll be worth it :3.
    Hey hopeful sleeper I really liked your last post on the PS thread. I really hope you are right and that Dawn continues with Ash. That would be the best for the series as a whole and I'm sure the animators will realize that lol.
    I need you to live on a prayer this time. I translated the theme about Phantom Ruler Zoroark preview that came out today and the theme is "friendship" Since the friendship between Satoshi and Hikari were quite obvious throughout the whole series, I hope their friendship will play a part in the movie. Zorua and Pikachu with Satoshi and Hikari can also relate to friendship as well as Pochama. The movie is getting better as time passes, let's hope it's not a fall this time.
    Is the poem "On the Edge" yours? At first I thought they were the lyrics to something and then I realized that you made the poem. The type of writing you put into that really shows that Pearlshipper's are pros at creativity not just being a true fan to it :D
    Haha no worries. It's just, if you can start a conversation with anyone, why not? :3
    How are you going?
    Whatever. I will be gone for a moment anyway.

    Believe it or not is entirely up to you.
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