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  • I'm gonna have to post pone, my brother got sick last night and we can't go anywhere today so I can't do any trades today sorry :/ also you can't trade shadow lugia. You have to purify it then beat XD then you can trade it
    Hi! I got your message about the goon's scizor and I am VERY interested! the list of pokemon I have to offer is...

    EVERY starter (gen1-5) willing to give you all 15 for siczor, and i can even throw in a fully evolved one or two into the mix too.
    All 4 Regi's
    All the legendary dogs from soul sliver (still in soul silver)
    and a what I believe to be non-legit lvl. 100 rayquaza
    the only reason i believe he is not legit is because he is lvl 100, and it says that he was he was meet at lvl. 100 in the hoenn region. maybe he is real maybe he is not.

    I hope that there is something that catches your eye! message me back and I will be on later tonight to check my messages! Thanks!
    hey hopsin i saw you offering jap event sing pikachu
    i have a flawless sassy nature shiny eevee which you could evolve into your umbreon w/ benificial nature and moves are
    curse/wish(egg moves!)
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