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  • Well, if you ever make an LJ then it's a great one to go to. ^_^
    There's also a LJ where someone translates Inocchi, Ken-ken, and sometimes Nagano's blogs.

    I don't really do the shippings either, but Mama-san & Papa-san are so cute together.
    Okada/Miyake... I instantly saw them in those pink shiny suits from the Voyager con. lol
    They're so cute. ^_^

    Inocchi's so cute and full of energy in the Honey Beat PV! Then again is he ever not full of energy? I love Inocchi's voice! Especially in "WISHES~I'll be there~".

    I remember hearing someone else say that they took a Japanese class and a video with Inocchi was played in their class too! You're so lucky! :D

    Edit: OMG! I just saw your sig! Cute!!!


    OMG I MISSED YOOOOOOOOOOOU yes we must find communication skillz ASAP! -kicks school in the meantime-

    I'll add your MSN onto my 2624634742362625146th new one. :'D

    Oh and you're welcome~ >D
    Haha! I found about V6 through Inuyasha too!

    LiveJournal is great for finding V6 goodies, There's one community called V6 Unlimited that's great. :D

    Aww... Poor Sakamoto...
    Pairings? Mama-san and Papa-san forever. ^_^
    Inocchi's my favorite Tonisen member, but I like them all.

    Wow! You liked Kinya! That's so cool! and, Yep I mean Kotani Kinya. He has an amazing voice! Plus he's adorable! ^_^
    Thanks for leaving a message! I'm so glad you did! I'm always happy to see another V6 fan around. So it's not random or creepy. :D

    I remember I did the same thing when I became a V6 fan, I went and searched for any posts about them. >_<

    Your profile pic is really cute too! I'm a Ken-Ken and Okada fan also, I like Ken-Ken more, but I like Okada too. lol
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