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  • hey, are u still looking for a doubles battle? Cause I want to try it out, as ive never battled doubles before
    Amazing what some guys do for fun. >_>

    And kicking each other in the balls is supposed to impress girls or look "cool"? Right...
    Yep, some adults say act your age, but if I acted like the average fourteen year old all the time...

    I was and still am rather quiet and shy, but talking to people on here and being with Laura has helped out immensely. It's great that you have that attitude to life. :)

    About the sex, I don't care when it happens, as long as both of us are comfortable. It amazes me how many guys destroy potentially great relationships just for a night of pleasure. Plus, it's only been a month, and despite what most would say, there is not point rushing it.

    And that's about all I really wanted to say, before I make myself look even more weird.
    Though some think I'm too mature for a fourteen-year-old. I'd rather be mature then be like some of the people on here.

    Yep, being friends with the girl is good. It's best if she's someone you can laugh and joke with, hang out with, and just be a teen. Much more fun than being all serious like some teens are in relationships. :)
    That's how Laura and I started off.

    I think most girls prefer to take things slower than rushing into things, so it would be a wise choice on your part. There's a general perception that all teen guys want is to "get in bed with her", and if you can show that not all guys are like that, it will show you're mature, benefiting you in the long run.

    I sound like some droning robot
    In answer to your question, if she does seem genuine, then you might as well try.

    It's worth taking the plunge in the long run, as you might have seen in the Embarrassment thread.
    i'd appreciate a reply you know.i also need to make sure that we're gonna trade so i know i'm holding this eevee for you
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