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  • Woah, hey! First storymasterb makes an appearance and now you show up! xD Hey, how's it been going?
    Did you get my notes on Nocchi and Gigas? I'm taking some queues from Tundra's sidestory and running with it a little. The Ancient powers are "unique". There are several Ancient _ Type Digimon, including non-Legendary 10 Digimon:

    I think my idea (and I drift back and forth nowadays a lot) is that these Ancient (all of the above) types and forms are accessible to all Digimon. Sometimes it's a requirement of age and experience, however, to evolve to a level where the data is that "pure". These Digimon forms are the most idealized and concentrated embodiment of specific Digimon species: Beasts, Dragons, Birds, Insects, etc. However, there are also The Ten. The Ancient-prefix Digimon. The Legendary ones. Those specific 10 can be just about anyone - they just stumble upon, or hunt down, or acquire in some way/shape/form the specific Ancient Elemental power - it's deity power, left over by beyond-Elder gods at the formation of the world.

    Put it this way - Thor is a god, he's basically the current generation. Odin represents (along with his contemporaries) the older edge of the current generation. As great as Odin was, he's no Elder God; they were gods of his father's time: Bor. Bor, Izanagi, Cronos, Praamzius, Ra, Ahura Mazda...and the gods who seeded the 10 Ancient powers into the world were older even than that.

    So the Ancient powers are uber-old.
    So Jimmy would probably be relatively underpowered by comparison, though there are several ultimate level characters. Fewer champions/armor though. Then again, I always reserve judgment until after I see signups.
    So yeah. The thing with CWis that's it's basically just started. We've had two "battles" so far - the introductory one that introduces characters and then the crisis one where their leader really decides what he's fighting for. Ere really just starting the story. Which I've actually patterned so far after the start of CODENAME. And I think you'll notice some Codename callbacks scattered throughout.
    About the same as UC. Except instead of Knights they're machines. So far we've fought the big-wig Darkdramon and Chaosdramon, who proved tougher than the average 'mon. And the emperor - Shoutmon EX6 - is tough enough to make those two wet themselves.
    Both are still accepting wig ups (damn autocorrect) sign ups. Civil war got to a good pace but I'm assuming holidays and end of year nonsense slowed people down. So because we were actually at a decent jumping on point I reopened the roll. There's not a lot that's happened so far - the digital world in CW is a bit more standard fare, so if you have any characters that you'd like to reuse from any of the digimon RPGs we've done that's probably the place to do it.

    UC is just starting though. Only a few sign ups. But the mythology and backstory is still pretty much the same. The biggest difference is that the royal knights aren't immortal this time around. It's a role passed down through the generations with each knight choosing a successor and then downloading their experience and power into that successor when they prove themselves worthy. It's why he knights are so powerful that even most gods can't stop them.

    At this point Nocchi and Gigas would fit in either universe. Were just leaving the Verdant Convlace in CW - the Floral/Hive equivalent. So they could fit there pretty easily. That said, I did love the Nochi and Samael interactions in the UCverse.

    Sha would fit in either universe, too. And of course, don't forget Rai and Karasu. Those loveable lugs.
    Cool! Not sure if you were aware, but both Civil War and Unholy Crusade have been rebooted. UC is mostly the same, but with the world and backstory more fleshed out from the start this time around. I've consolidated the mythology and figured out how to work it in to all parts of the story as well as the backstory without making it cluttered.

    Civil War is sort of a hybrid between the original and Codename: BANTYO. Babel Leorius aka Goliath Leonhardt and his Realmless/Rebels/Bancho against the Metal Empire and the emperor Chromium Rhuell. The dramon are more ancillary this time around, though they certainly have their own ambitions amd will show up.
    Hey. I'm interested in your PM. This is just in case I forget to reply to it, since I'm just about to go to bed and the PM notification is gone now, heh.
    Hey, that's cool. Thanks for the read. Haha, yeah. I think I subconsciously gave Ulforce a similar snarky personality because they're both the same species. Balion's a whole lot more blue-blooded and holier-than-thou.

    I don't think I have time to create a character tonight since I'm going to bed soon, and I don't want to keep you waiting, so I might just wait until the next character that you need.
    When you say bikers, I'm guessing you're meaning the cyclists north of Slateport and not motorbikers, right? xD
    I'd be up for making a minor character or two. I'll let you know when I think of something.
    Hey, that's cool. I'll definitely check it out and leave my thoughts. I haven't read a fanfic aside from my own in awhile, so it'll be good to do that.
    They FINALLY put up the Digimon Crusader version of Apollomon. There's finally a good picture of Svarog.

    Also: Junomon / Hysteric Mode
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