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  • Yeah, I'm pretty excited to be back in my home city in one and a half weeks. Oh, gotcha. I can't say I'm jealous. I'm pretty happy to only have exams left to do. Which I should be studying for right now... Oops... Good luck on your stuff. Mind if I rub Rai's foot for good luck?
    Haha, that's a bit of an understatement. One of the biggest mistake of my life. I didn't know it was a party school when I signed up for it and it's in the middle of nowhere, and I only signed up because I wanted to go away for university for a year. <whistle> That's long... My longest paper so far was ten or eleven pages. Are you about done after that?
    I can't complain too much. I just finished classes today, and now it's exam time. Only thirteen days left of this place, then I'll be free from its grasp forever (switching universities for next fall). What about you?
    Ohhhh yeah? Now I'm intrigued. Oh yeah, I remember those too. Nocchi's web of deceit huh? Heh.

    Let's see... Just from UC? I have a few favourites. I think my all time favourite from that RP was when Pyra went berserk and she, Tyr, and Khep all almost killed each other. Others would be the whole Typhon battle (Tiwaz and Fenrir DNA Digivolving to Perun to take the big snake down, then later when Tyr fought Typhon and had to finish him off.) and also the fight between Khep and Gigas during the Siege that we mentioned. I remember the fight between Tyr and Khep was pretty fun... even though I lost the whole post and had to rewrite it...
    Yeah, that was probably one of my favourite moments in UC. The fight was pretty intense and moments were touching. Heh, I think at one point, we thought about having them DNA Digivolve to AncientBeetlemon, didn't we? Hah. I'll bet. Do you mean one from UC or one upcoming in PL?
    Hey, one can't change unless they're willing to. That's good though

    Y'know. I just remembered that Gigas and Khep bug-hugged back in UC. It's a good thing Nocchi doesn't know, or I don't know if Khep would be able to live it down. Then again, Khep would probably threaten to turn him into firewood.
    Wasn't totally sold on all of the results. Here they are with what I thought.

    Vritra - Black/Red (pretty much called it)
    Geraint - White/Blue (figured this or GW)
    Bedivere - Green/Blue (I saw him as some sort of Blue mix. Or White/Black)
    Guinier - White/Blue (called it)
    Caradoc - Red/White (Not so much red. I saw Green, but I suppose the red works too...though could also be Black/White)
    Duo - White/Blue (didn't see that coming at all. Saw Black)
    Trowa - Red/White (Saw more green/red...with him blowing stuff up all through UC)
    Lucia - Green/White (saw that)
    Justin - Red/White (yep)
    Saria - Blue/Green (don't know the character well enough)
    Fenrir - White/Blue (yep)
    Ivy - White/Blue (Thought more G/W, being a healer and all)
    Galic - White/Blue (yeah. That or GW)
    Dunk - Green/Red (yeah, either GR or Blue/Red.)
    Azur - Red/White (I didn't see the Red...or white. Actually, I could see either of those colors, just not with one another.)
    Shoon - Red/Blue (yep)
    Aeria - Green/White (Did NOT see that coming. I thought...GR? White/Black? Red/Black? Sure. But GW? not even on my radar)
    Cresil - Black/Red (Very possible. Also saw Blue/Black as a possibility)
    Tyr - Green/White (again, it's hard for me to not put Greymon in Red)
    Tiwaz - Red/White (Pretty obvious. Could have gone just Mono-Red)
    Gunnar - Red/White (Yep)
    Khep - Green/Black (Called it)
    Pyra - White/Blue (Actually saw her as more Green/Blue)
    Barachiel - White/Blue (Either W/blUe or W/G, yeah)
    Nocchi - Black/Green (called it)
    Gigas - Green/White (or GR, yeah)
    Sha - Green/Red (saw some kind of Blue there, but GR fits too).

    Michael was White-Blue, fit pretty well.
    Samael was Red-Black...duh
    Svarog was Red-White.
    Thor was...hard for me. I ended up having to take the test twice because there were some answers where both fit equally. He ended up being White/Blue and White/Red.
    Can you take this test for each of your UC/DA/PL characters? And let me know the results.
    Yum. He might need a Tums after that.

    Heh, I don't know about that. Time'll tell! Hey, that's pretty noble. You definitely fit the part. Without getting too sappy (like a certain Puppetmon...) you're probably one of the nicest, most upbeat people that I know, so I think that'd be a good fit.
    Hah. Hey, Gigas should sign up for that class, what with his four hands. Tyr... should probably give it a miss. Right now, I'm killing my brain on this history essay that's due Friday. I should have started this earlier...

    I'm hoping to go into international politics in some shape or form. Being an ambassador or a diplomat could be cool. ...Nothing that involves public speaking to large crowds though. That would be the end of me. What about you?
    That's pretty cool. Heh, Bio as a required class? That's new. I'm used to Arts classes being required. I'm majoring in Political Science with a minor in History *cue the snoring*
    Sir Hector Dragonsheart (Gallantmon X): One of the last two surviving Royal Knights. Often considered the heart and soul of the order, Sir Hector was among Lord Artorius's most trusted and powerful. After Artorius's failed attempt at controlling the Mikaboshi led to the destruction of the Royal Knights, Sir Hector led the surviving members in an attempt to stave off the Chaos, only to fail. After the Peacemakers triumphed, Sir Hector and Sir Percival the Magnamon retreated into isolation, seeking penance for their wrongdoings. They, in turn, were sought out by Mephistopheles, who needed to use them in part of the ritual to open the Inferno. Percival was killed, and Hector was captured.

    Boss Lu Bu/Sir Fengxian (Gankoomon): Known as the "Lost Knight", Sir Fengxian was one of the original 13 Royal Knights before he and Artorius had a falling out centuries ago. He left the order, casting off his allegiance to them. Going by the name "Lu Bu," he spent several hundred years wandering the world, offering his hero-services to those in need, accepting pay from those able to pay him, and he carved himself a pleasant little life of adventure and happiness. He was sought out by Artorius at the start of the Crusade, but angrily rebuffed his former Lord. Lu Bu was saddened to hear of the order's demise, but unsurprised--knowing Artorius's ambitions as he did. When the demons rose, Lu Bu returned to the world at large, taking up the mantle of protector once more.
    Groovy. Once I collect these from the rest of the players, I'll have them posted in the discussion thread.
    Do you think you can give me a quick blurb on your NPCs to post in the Discussion thread so people are (re)familiarized with them?
    That's true. That might be his angel heritage... or frog heritage. Kermit was always nice.
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