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  • You know what I read through again? Codename: BANYTO. That was a really fun RPG. It was nice playing a Digimon game without my usual huge stakes. More lighthearted action and Hotshot humor.
    By the way, is Ivy back at the resistance camp being a nurse? If so, I was thinking she and Ruki (Khep and Barachiel's childhood friend who's a doctor) might be working together.
    Heheh. You have a point there. Thanks for the advice. The first one would go with the whole "immortal champion" thing. We'll see.
    Hey! I'm in need of some quick Digimon advice. Do you know what DarkKnightmon's "Undead Soldier" attack might look like?
    Yeah, that would be pretty fun to see: how he transitions from each stage. Okay cool. As for personality quirks... well, Sabnock is an absolute nut job. He's a connoisseur for the maniacal laugh as he blasts stuff with electricity and beams. Nebiros, uhh... he's ruthless and cunning. I still need to think deeper into his character before I can tell you about quirks and stuff.

    Heheh. Oh, how I've missed your humour. Yeah, I guess you're right. I could always give it a shot. There is a new character that I want to RP as sometime, but it'd feel weird creating a new one when I have like, four others from before. Might save him for another RP.
    That's pretty cool. I'm intrigued to know his life as a Leviamon. Yeah, I don't mind if you cameo my characters. Let's see... Black Pincer Company (their mercenary group) was probably started about ten years ago, so when Khep and them were about sixteen or seventeen. It lasted for about eight or nine years, at which time Nebiros and Sabnock got captured by the RKs and made a deal with Cador and co. to hand over Khep in exchange for their freedom. They set him up and that's how Kheppy got behind bars. Hmm... Do you mean what Digimon were they when they first started their mercenary group? Khep would have been an Okuwamon at the time. As for the other two... I dunno. Nebiros is usually a Beetlemon and Sabnock is usually a MetalKabuterimon, but I don't know what to do about lower forms since they're hybrid levels. Maybe stay the same?

    I'll probably bring back Tyr/Tiwaz now that Azur/Fenrir are back. I want to bring Khep back, but I don't know if I have a character arc for him after his and Barry's showdown with his former teammates. Well, I guess there is the thing with Pyra... but that's more of a side plot. The thing about Pyra is that I kind of forget where I was going with her. It was so long ago... I was doing stuff with her being the descendant of Paladrius, but I can't remember the nitty gritty. Maybe it's in my notes somewhere. And I'm pretty sure she can hold Fighter Mode consistently now.
    That would be sweet. I'd totally read that. I'm sure it'd be cha-haw-hawesome.

    Nah, not a clue... I initially was going to bring back Barachiel, because he seemed like the obvious choice given the content, but then I started to think that I kind of finished his story during that last battle where he turned SlashAngemon. I guess I could always go the route of him having to deal with having a new angel form and kind of being an outsider among the Holy Host for that, but I don't know. If I'm choosing Tyr or Gunnar, then I have to go with one or the other, but not both. They both have some unresolved things though. Pyra seems like a safe bet, but I'd likely have to bring in Khep too because they sort of have a thing. Not that that's necessarily bad, because I like having a sarcastic character at all times. Heh. Which led me to think about going back to my roots of Tyr-Khep-Pyra, but I dunno. I kind of feel like I could do more with Gunnar, plus if I went with Tyr, by proxy, that would also include Tiwaz. Again, not necessarily a bad thing, but it's technically another character. As you can see, I'm probably overthinking this...
    Not sure...though I imagine by the third go-round, that semi-transparent group in the back will grow even larger...
    Yeah that's all fine. I'm essentially using Paradise Lost as a fresh start. So we get to pick and choose which events from the past two RPGs stay as canon and which ones we'd rather not think about again.
    I don't take "real" reservations. They're messy and I don't like to bother with that kind of hooblah. Just sign up.
    Eighteen credits? Ouch... Sounds really busy. Heh, let's try to cut that down to a more manageable amount of curses.

    It's not bad. Can't wait for this school year to be over so I can go on vacation. I'm going back to my old university next year. I didn't know this was a party school when I signed up for it. Heh...
    Hey, remind me to read and review your latest chapter sometime. Things have been really busy for me lately since I'm going to university this week (Ugh.)
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