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  • Well, there would certainly be aspects of fighting in all the guilds. I'm basing their characteristics and duties off the 10 Ravnican guilds in MTG. So each of those guilds had a...fighting portion, or at least a segment that was adept at fighting. Our characters wouldn't necessarily be from those sections, but the possibility exists for them.
    So I was thinking of trying to bring the old Digimon crew together with a brand spankin' new Digimon RPG: here are my current thoughts:
    (Inspired in part by MTGs Guilds of Ravnica.)

    In this Digimon world there are no gods and goddesses, no demons or angels...aside from Digimon types and classifications. In this world, Digimon are organized according to their Guilds. There are (at least, depending on further developments) 8 Guilds, each assigned to various tasks: upholding the law, providing security, overseeing commerce, engineering, medicine, etc.

    The Guilds cooperated for eons, forced to coexist due to the binding nature of the Guildpact Regulation Algorithm, a program installed in the fabric of the Digital World. The Guildpact itself set statutes and ordinances for each Guild so that each of the Guilds had its own place, and prevented the Guilds from taking action against one another. This does not, however, stop the Guilds from seeking to find loopholes in the Guildpact Algorithm's programming so as to increase their power without breaching it.

    The story will follow the various guild members as they go through some trials or something. Some sort of quest to determine the future and stability of the Guildpact and the Guilds.

    I'll see if I can dig up their sign ups then.

    Heheh. I guess that's what happens after over ten years.
    Cool. Looking forward to that. And ah, I see what you mean. That makes sense. You might be able to slip a Pteramon or something with wings into that group too.

    A Blimpmon, huh? Sweet. That's a pretty good idea.

    Haha. Good point.

    Do you still have the character bios for Jeff and Monodramon? I don't even know if I do. They're probably way far back in the Digimon club.

    By the way, I recall that you are/were a fan of Naruto. I started watching it from the beginning recently and it's actually pretty good.
    One day, by Gigas! One day!

    That sounds pretty sweet, actually. I'd definitely read that. You're free to bounce ideas off me, if you need to. So, these Digimon observers are like mentors/guides for the humans and guild, I take it? You used something like that in either Guardians or DigiOnline, didn't you? Also, are Veemon and Yasyamon the same mon?

    Yeah, I'd love if you included Jeff and Monodramon. Heheh. Wind Guardians, eh? Isn't that group usually for bird digimon?
    Sweet. I'll go have a look.

    Do you have any instant message programs or anything, by the way?

    Nah, I understand that. I've had to do the same really. I've had to wait for the university to let me back in too, but the waits over now. xD I'm going to university again this fall, and I'll be staying in a dorm. As for what I've been doing, I haven't really been rping, but I have been writing two Digimon fanfics. That's been fun.

    That sounds pretty sweet. I'd join an RP again if you were involved. I've missed you so much! *sniffle*
    I know you're not really around too much, but in case you visit again, I find Sagomon's profile entry http://wikimon.net/Sagomon funny, given what a certain Shawjamon was like back before Sagomon was introduced. (And I remember Puppetmon from Xros Wars was very supsiciously similar to a cetain Puppetmon who was around back before Xros Wars appeared... I'll keep my eyes out for a bumbling HerculesKabuterimon next. Heh.)
    That sucks ducks.

    Yeah, I had a few things planned for DA too. It's too bad. Well, the good thing about ideas is that they can be saved for another time.
    Heh. I know how it is. I should have asked before I started writing; I had to scrap a whole scene. Luckily, you did think of your characters' desires already, so now you just have to alter them a bit.
    Okay, apparently it's not so much the Peacemakers fears as it is their deepest desires, except made so that they're depressing.
    Haha, maybe it's a coincidence, then. Unless, of course, Karasu is keeping Rai in check. Then again, I've only heard a couple songs.

    Hehe, hoo boy. That's a lot of moles to whack. Hmm... I'll definitely have to give this some thought. It's times like these I wish I had less characters. Heh.

    Poor Gigas. Things would be easier for him if Ivy was a Petaldramon.

    For Sha... What about losing the ability to make puns? That's a horrible fate.
    Heh, I just found out that there's a band called "Ballyhoo!". Maybe Rai's in it...

    Also, a post in DA!
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