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  • So I just finished Sketching Kouji. Any markings you want on him aside from the lines under his eyes?

    And if you want me to color him at all, let me know the color(s). xD.
    Ahaha, awesome. I will draw Monyet and Kouji for you then :D

    Cant wait to see what you make.

    And dude, you never told me you wrote about Kouji in a story. Thats awesome. XD. All of my RPG characters (save a few) are from my stories too.
    Cool so I'm not the only one.
    Kiba is from a little story I write in my free time as well. It's a little different from the Rp but the characetrs are the same. lol
    Ahaha! If you did that I would worship you i think. I actually have pictures of those two somewhere (though I despise my human drawings XD. You could do much better I think XD)

    But yeah, i could draw any of your characters in their animal forms in exchange if you want. I'm good at animals. xD.
    Lol, Looks nice.
    Didn't know you were a good artist. I have a picture of Kiba (before the timeskip) I should put it up.
    Haha! That looks awesome. You're a good artist Hotshot; that little icon is perfect for Kouji xD.

    I should draw up some of my characters one of these days... But I can't draw people to save my life. XDD. Oh well. I can draw them all as wolves then. xD
    I've got it done now and I think it's good enough... since I only changed the other sign up around just a little.
    (Forgot to add this in the PM) And there could always be a fargone way to bring them back for the sequel. I'd be up for Strom striking a (possibly bizarre) deal with that Anubis guy who's god of the dead or something.
    If you're still around; Griff, storymaster, and I are trying to revive/finish Digimon: Civil War. Drop me a line and tell me if you're interested if you get this.
    Hahah. 'If one can't appreciate a good pun, then they really aren't living,' is what I always say.
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