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  • Yeah I still have like 4 boxes left with Bold Wish Eevees so I would be more then happy to get rid of some. I can take anything really because I just want to get rid of them to get space for other Pokés :>
    I think I have some with 4 IV's left if you need that :)
    FC is 1977-0387-4438 In-game name: EmZ
    Got it. ok i'll head into the room. By the way, do you happen to have a Vespiquen or did u ever get a Shuckle? They're the only two I'm missing from the Unova dex now.
    Well I have 8 shinies and 2 legendaries that I kinda wanted to transfer from white to white 2, it would be so awesome if you could help me out. It'll have to be a little later though because my ds has died on me xD And I've beaten white 2 but unfortunately I no longer have the right system to transfer my pokemon myself
    Thanks :D if you happen to want shiny entries for some pokemon, I can hook u up with a few there also. Snivy, Metagross, Marowak, Flygon, Crobat, Charizard, Totodile, and Hydreigon. I'd need them all back of course tho =) otherwise it looks like we're done now. Thanks for all your help pal
    Alright, we're just about done then. This has been extremely helpful :D I actually will need one of the eeveelutions back for breeding purposes, doesnt matter which one.
    I dont need them. You can keep the Phione also. :) I just need the rest of the legendaries back. Do you happen to need a Rampardos? I picked one up last night
    How about some of the eevee family or kangaskhan? Do you need any of them? Or i can temp trade you some legendaries. i have Entei, Deoxys, Manaphy, Phione, Regice, and Registeel?
    I have Electrode, Unown, Slowking, Shiftry, Chatot, Rhyperior, Probopass, and Porygon Z. Also I have a trade with a guy arranged for tomorrow that'll net me an Abra and Kecleon. So I can help you out with all of those :D As for me, I'm still looking for:
    Tyrouge family
    and Zigzagoon/Linoone.
    A few othes too but this is becoming quite the list and i'm tired lol. I'm up to 532 obtained now. If you have any of those I need that'd be awesome :D I'm heading to bed now, so hopefully we can trade tommorrow evening?
    Shoot, I was mistaken about Magmortar. I have one in my Platinum but not in my White 2 yet. All I have is Magmar and no magmarizer item yet. Would you still need it? Or I can give you Electivire instead but I would need it back :D it's apart of my main team so I dont wanna lose it. If you wanna do more trading aside from those 3 that'd be awesome, because you probably do have more that I need and I might have more you need also! If you send me a list of what you're still looking for I'll compare it with what I have and then do the same for you?
    I dont have any leaf stones to spare, but I have Slowking and Magmortar. I could trade you those two along with Unown in exchange for Wormadam, Castform, and one other... do you happen to have any member of the Tyrogue, Kabuto, or Lebyba family?
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