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Last Activity:
Jul 8, 2012
Sep 30, 2008
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DON'T STEAL MAH HG!, from Ohio

hOuOugIa was last seen:
Jul 8, 2012
    1. Umbreon-dana
    2. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      I posted a BRMT and left some messages. Take a look if you have time.
    3. Terry. T.
      Terry. T.
      Have you seen the UU/NU group announcement?
    4. [GS]
      You should also think about adding boosting
      tanks, like CurseLax, SD/RP Gliscor, SD
      Cradily etc. as they are a whole other
      kind of tank in themselves. We should try
      to meet up on AN chat sometime and
      collaborate since we're both doing tanks.
      I'll be on later today and I'll look for ya.
    5. [GS]
      Bah, VM ate the message, it's up there ^
    6. [GS]
      The 4x ice weak is kinda rough, but he also resists
      rock/ground and is immune to electric. As long as
      ice/fire types are gone he can hang tough. SubSeed
      sets are good, he's slow, so he subs last, and they're
      bulky subs to boot. You just have to play to his
      strengths. Also remember, a consistent healing
      move is generally a must with all tanks.
    7. [GS]
      I am about to actually, I've just finished classes so I
      have a lot more time to focus on it.
    8. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Done rating. Please join me and Bossk at Articuno's Nest forums to discuss the new In-game team creation guide.
    9. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Sure, I'll rate it. BTW, SR+Yawn Empoleon is so much win :)
    10. Ampy
      Hey, I'd like you to join all of us IGRMT regulars at my forum to discuss guides. Just press Articuno's Nest in my sig.
    11. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Yeah, thanks for the rate! :) It's good to get some critique to mull over while I'm gone.
      Also, you should note that you're improving, you picked the same move I was thinking of, as far as Milotic goes. You've become an excellent rater even faster than Ampy and I did, and I became decent after just a month. It's taken me this long to get this far, but I stalled for a while, in a pit of mediocrity.
    12. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Hey hOuOugia, I made a BT team for you guys to look over while I'm gone. Have you looked at it?
    13. Dan The Poke Man
      Dan The Poke Man
      Hows life going for ya?

      hey on channel 45 its horror movies
    14. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      I made an NU team :D
      U want to take a look at it?
    15. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      About thirty minutes from Cleveland. Not bad, pretty close.
    16. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      I'm sorry I don't, but I'm guessing somewhere near Cinncinnati?
      I'm from North Royalton. Do you no where that is?
    17. hOuOugIa
      yeah (or "oui" in French; just begin learning French in school)
      I'm in Greenville (you probably don't know where it is...)
    18. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      You're from ohio? I didn't notice that earlier. o_O
      I'm also from Ohio.
    19. eledragon
      never mind
    20. eledragon
      wat is trait?
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