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  • mmmmm...... then sorry... im only looking for EV'd shinies with a good nature.... let me know if you get any..
    ummm... i have most items though... what if i gave u a shiny roserade hasty with good spattk and speed for it?? i got a timid one im going to EV train so i can give you that one.. for the lv 100 starmie
    hmmm... well it would be unfair on me if i gave u the shiny EV'd tyranitar for a normal good natured pokemon so i will give you a shiny suicune UT for it instead... is that ok with you?
    i see... can u tell me their special attack and their speed stat and if possible thier IV's please??
    hey sorry but i dont know what happened... and i dont need the heracross anymore.. any other pokes??
    yea i would... the Ttar for the heracross and the latios for the azelf.... let me know when you get on..
    which 2 of my shinies would you like for the EV'd azelf and the heracross?? and i cant trade now but i can trade tomorow at this time.. just checking my messages before i go..
    ok then these are all my shinies... i would like all of them except the blissey... u can pick out of these.. :

    shiny distant land raikou mild level 50
    shiny magmortar UT
    shiny carvhana UT
    shiny metagross adamant EV trained lv 100
    shiny wingull UT
    shiny rayquaza EV trained lv 100
    shiny metagross lv 55 jolly
    shiny spiritomb UT
    shiny groudon adamant level 60
    shiny eevee naughty UT
    shiny charizard lv 36
    shiny manaphy modest UT (ranger)
    shiny latios modest EV trained lv 100
    shiny charmander lonely UT
    shiny blaziken lv 55
    shiny ninetales UT
    shiny hariyama lv 100
    shiny dusclops lv 100
    shiny gengar EV trained lv 100
    shiny eigaken darkrai UT
    shiny suicune bold EV trained lv 100
    shiny lugia lv 100
    shiny deoxys lv 100 Timid EV trained
    shiny tyranitar EV trained adamant lv 100
    shiny ditto lv 44
    shiny suicune UT hardy
    shiny absol adamant EV trained lv 100
    shiny chickorita UT
    shiny bagon UT
    shiny aerodactyl UT
    shiny girafarig UT
    shiny tangrowth lv 55
    shiny giratina UT
    shiny scyther lv 1 UT
    shiny tyrogue UT adamant nature
    hey you got any new EV'd shinies or events?? i got some new ones.. like a adamant shiny tyranitar with over 400 attack... and a adamant shiny metagross also with over 400 attack...
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