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  • Yeah, it's funny because I actually do go to a private school and the people are supposed to be responsible but haha sh*t happens. We've had to eat with the teachers for the last few days (it's super awks haha) and a couple of hours ago we were having dinner at some Spanish restaurant and one of the teachers said that she could hear everything we were saying in our room and my friend was drinking water and she spat it out all over the table xD
    Yeah, it has. I'm in Spain with school for like a study trip at the moment, we've been going to a Spanish learning school and staying with like host families. Me and a friend were staying with this Spanish woman and on Tuesday she went missing halfway through the day and came back at night super (kinda aggressive) drunk. We had to block the door for 10 minutes so she wouldn't come into our room and call the teachers to get us haha but I'm good yeah it was rlly interesting.
    Hey there, I saw your FC pop up on my game, so here is my FC if you want to add me as a friend for my Pokemon omega game / Redace♠ 2595-1158-0379
    Over half though, which is cool. Me and my Maths class last year got a maths test that was for A/A* students (we've got those targets, but we were 2 years away from our GCSE's and didn't know everything). I got 18/120 on that test. People got lower - one of the smartest people in the class got 6/120.

    A bit, yeah - I think I'll go for Sceptile / Sharpedo / Camerupt / Metagross / Manectric / Salamence. I'll also maybe use Blaziken / Ludicolo / Metagross / Manectric / Altaria / Glalie
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