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Dec 14, 2016
Jan 24, 2013
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Mister Fisher!, from Under the Okinawa sun

humilau was last seen:
Dec 14, 2016
    1. MastersOfMonsters
      I've been good, thanks for asking. ^^ Also, long time no see.

      And yes, Fairies are finally confirmed. How I wanna say 'I told you so' to so many people, hehe.

      Shocked that Marill of all Pkmn is Fairy, though. XD
    2. MidnightFennekin
      You talking about my type thingy or Fennekin thingy?
    3. MastersOfMonsters
      Hehe, nah, not really into that (except for maybe when it's comical).

      Aw~ But no, I actually don't think he'll stay. I actually, for some reason, think that Brock may return, new design and all. That, or the a new girl and boy. I would love for him to stay, though.
    4. MastersOfMonsters
      I thought so. ^^ Well, I don't mind, I was just curious~

      You mean Pokémon, as in Pokémon, or Pokémon characters? ^^ Cuz' I don't really Ship very much. Ash and Dento would be an exception, I think.
    5. MastersOfMonsters
      Thank you kindly~

      You really don't reply very often, do you? ^^
    6. TWN
      Glad to see someone actually agrees. I think most people are so quick to dismiss it because people have been speculating it for the last three generations, and it turned out to be false each time. They've seen the speculation fail so many times that it is now stuck in their closed minds as a falsehood. And so they all criticize anyone to suggest the Light type, but can't give a good reason for why a Light type is unlikely. At this point, I'd say a Light type is actually pretty promising.
    7. SasakiThePikachu
      Haha, thanks. It's an idiotic rule that's come out of nowhere and sarcasm is our only weapon against it!
    8. MastersOfMonsters
      Ooh, then I understand. ^^ I kinda forgot to check for more answers and for what people said after that, though, so I have no idea what happend... D:

      And yes, Junjou is my second favorite manga/anime. :3 And nice to meet you, too. Yaoi FanBoys are very rare, especially around here.
    9. MastersOfMonsters
      I have no idea what testosterone-fuelled means, but thank you kindly for the compliment. :D
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    Under the Okinawa sun
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    Knarly, dude!