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Recent content by Humuskk1

  1. Humuskk1

    What's The Last Thing You Bought?

    I'm still kicking myself for not selling it sooner. I purchased a blastoise ex card about a week before prerelease and pulled this card. I went to eBay and found only listings for the Japanese card. I was given $75 on prerelease and declined because it was my first event and I wasn't aware of...
  2. Humuskk1

    What's The Last Thing You Bought?

    It's just a matter of chance. I received 1 FA, 1 FA trainer, and 1 Alt art VMAX in my first box. I'm expecting 2 more boxes, and it wouldn't surprise me if I only received 1 FA in each. There is only one constant after opening tens of thousands of packs, and while some sets do have better...
  3. Humuskk1

    Your First Pokemon cards

    My first card is mewtwo pokemon card, I'm not sure what set it came from, but it's very special to me. Some of you may be wondering why. Because (FlAsHbAcK noIses) my aunt once asked me, "Do ye know what a pokemon is?" I said no, and she proceeded to show me pictures and pictures and pictures of...
  4. Humuskk1

    What was your first computer?

    At the plant, we print on carbonless triple paper with okidata. If you want to print over the network, make sure you get one with a built-in network card. Once you've got everything set up, it's pretty much flawless.
  5. Humuskk1

    What did You Get for Christmas (2021)

    I got only one present for Christmas this year. Puma Suedes. We've struggled for the last couple of months, and both my parents contributed to buy me a 60-dollar pair of shoes , even though I told them I didn't want anything. It's funny that last year I was a bit upset that I received only six...
  6. Humuskk1

    What upcoming video games are you looking forward to?

    I am such a long-standing fan of the Dark Soul series and waiting for it's new series and waiting eagerly for "Black Myth" Also waiting for Granblue Fantasy relink (PS4, PS5, PC) Eiyuden Chronicles rising (spin-off prequel to Eiyuden Chronicle hundred heroes. ... Vampire the masquerade...
  7. Humuskk1

    Resident Evil Village

    8 was a great game for me in my first playthrough. But, after the fact, you realize what they left behind, how they didn’t really take advantage of the characters and scenarios they created. It leaves me wanting to wish they had let it simmer for another year. You can make the levels more...
  8. Humuskk1

    Official "What Game(s) Should I Get?" Topic

    If you're into Minecraft I strongly recommend Dragon Quest Builders 2. I've always enjoyed Minecraft (still do) however single player survival is so boring that it's unable to hold my attention for long. I'm more interested in multiplayer or mods, but they share the same issues, IMO. DQB2 is a...
  9. Humuskk1

    Favorite programming language?

    C# is my preferred programming language. Strongly typed, elegantly designed, includes almost every important language feature you could desire, fantastic framework, cross platform, quick, and can be used for almost anything. It can now even be used in a web browser.
  10. Humuskk1

    When did you start Playing Video Games?

    I start playing around 2008 and my first game was Cue Club Snooker on Pentium 3 System
  11. Humuskk1

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Currently Playing Pubg mobile version. GTA 5 and resident Evil 3. Due only 2 GB graphics card I can't able to play some new highly graphics games like BattleField 5, Cyberpunk and many others.
  12. Humuskk1

    Top Games of 2021

    The game came out last year, I believe it was released last year, however Control absolutely blows me off currently. I'm not usually a fan when playing combat-based games however the concept and story make it worthwhile. For it's the first time in quite a while I'm actually enjoying fighting...
  13. Humuskk1

    What was your first computer?

    I'm not sure the name of my first computer. One of those big box computers with a glass screen , or something else. I can remember playing this silly dolphin game in it and also this Paint program, but it was Batman-themed. It was a lot of enjoyable. When I first got the Internet the my first...
  14. Humuskk1

    Why do you like Pokemon?

    The game is great because they fulfill the need of RPG gamers to see their bars grow. It is possible to fill up one Pokemon's bars , and then fill up another! If they're a high level Pokemon pokemon crystal cheats guide and the bars are taking longer to fill it is possible to fill with the bar...