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  • I? I've been somewhat active again since December, but I'm occupied with life and only post occasionally in the slow AS thread.
    I've actually had time to write fanfiction, suprisingly, so that's been by big accomplishment here during your absence.
    That's good to hear. Yeah, I had a pretty crazy life for the past nine months or so and couldn't get online much at all during that time. My fic took a big hit in popularity and its seems this place is almost totally dead now. I was thinking perhaps HG/SS would have sparked some interest, but it seems Black and White seems to be doing the job instead. Hopefully we'll get to see May in Pallet Town when Ash goes back there in the anime and that'll bring back some more shippers from the good old days.

    And yeah, I wouldn't knock you out of the thread co-owner position! I figured you must still be around somewhere. Uza left a while back, so it's a little lonely in the thread now. I'm always trying to think of new things to add to the discussion but when shipping itself seems so barren and lifeless it's an uphill struggle much of the time. I'm usually spending a lot of time on Bulbagarden these days, since they actually get traffic in their shipping section.
    Old friend is right...too old imo, I don't believe in giving this place much more of my time and getting so less in return, so I'm gonna cut back. A lot ^^

    Summer has been...a roller-coaster dear friend :D
    Much much to talk about, and if I ever catch you on msn, I'll tell you if you're interested....and we'll ramble about football, transfers, and Huntelaar signing for Milan xD

    Hope to catch you around soon enough~
    I got tanned to (a)

    well, bit boring on the camping, but it was nice :)
    were there any mummies? ;p

    owowow, yeah classic, I wasn't into shipping when Misty was in the series.
    I just liked the show
    when May came, I started to like AS =]
    Yeah, it's about time! =]

    Nice, I'm going to France next week, 10 days.
    Egypt! Wauw, I'd like to go there to someday, maybe when I'm older ;p
    yeaah, thank you, you to!
    yeah sure, just look at your private mail ;d

    well I don't know if you will read this before you're going to Egypt...
    But anyway have a nice time, and get tannend!(or how do you say that in English xd) ;p
    havee a nice holiday! :D
    hi, no problem ;d

    well, your still young, You're older than me ;p
    I've seen only a little part, yeah, in Dutch, me to

    me either, I'm fine thanks, vacation finely! =)
    so relaxing all day at the beach (á)
    and you?
    Sooo 20 years, thats many ;D
    Have you seen May's Cameo? I've missed it T.T
    I wanted to see it soo badly, and now it will take a long time before it comes again =(
    Anyway, How are you?
    ho ho, hoor die dan:p
    weet je wie pas oud is? m'n opa van 90 jaar. gewoon rustig vadan gaan zou ik zeggen^^
    Hi there, sure I remember you! :) I´m glad to see you´re still aboard, too. Haha, oh yeah those pics.. maybe I should come up with some new stuff sometimes near future. ^^
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