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Last Activity:
Jun 14, 2016
Aug 23, 2006
Likes Received:
May 1, 1989 (Age: 30)
The Netherlands

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< Guess who's back?, 30, from The Netherlands

Hunter_RuLe was last seen:
Jun 14, 2016
    1. Prof. 9
      Prof. 9
      Beetje laat, maar ik was twee weekjes weg ^,^;;

      Maar gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag =D
    2. Mayziken
      I now i'm very late, but i have been in Danmark for 5 days, so here: Happy Birthday
    3. Miss-ADV
      In the club?
      I speak English in the threads but if i can speak dutch to anyone or anywhere. Then i will do that couse thats a lot easier:D
    4. Hunter_RuLe
      It's okay to speak Dutch in the club, but please try to speak English on the other threads, so all people can understand what you say ^^
    5. Miss-ADV
      Oooh!!! joepie!!! er zijn nog meer Nederlanders!!!:D Dacht al dat er niemand anders was:P

      Haha soms heb ik ff geen zin meer in Engels hoor:P
    6. Hunter_RuLe
      It does say so in my profile.. And I visit the Dutch Club, so I guess that's true xD
    7. Miss-ADV
      Sorry if i'm late but happy birthday!

      Also can i ask you something.... Are you Dutch? From Holland etc
    8. Lord of Music
      Lord of Music
      Hey, belated happy birthday to you!
    9. Judgement
      I'm glad you liked my pic!

      And BTW, you're pretty awesome, I would've said Happy Birthday to you like everyone else, although it seems that I'm a bit too late now :P
    10. Hunter_RuLe
    11. Hunter_RuLe
      Belated or not, I'm very glad you all noticed ^^
    12. Chelc
      AHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW ;_; I knew I was forgetting something in my comment
    13. Uzamaki Hinata
      Uzamaki Hinata
      Bwa! Has your birthday already passed? I'm sorry, I didn't know XD Happy Belated Birthday!
    14. Randomosity
      Happy birthday!!
    15. shadow_shipper
      thanks :) I really wish I'll have some more time around July...cause I have some fic projects ^^
      Some big projects :D

      and apparently : happy birthday ^^
    16. Chelc
      Aww thanks Hunter!! :D You're one of the coolest people at Shippers so ;D Also, I'm sorry if I ever sounded rude to you in that thread - I was just getting really frustrated. XD; But it's all good. Thanks for the add!
    17. shadow_shipper
      Ahh, yes, I really do miss when we were talking about random stuff with lili, and of course, when 3P was there...and of course, Ajax, Huntelaar and football in general ^^

      Yeah, finals are approaching, plus I'm working on my driver's license, co chatting and pokémon are really secondary to me now ^^

      I'm very happy you stopped by my profile page ;)
    18. Hunter_RuLe
      Hi everyone, my B-day was very nice, thanks ^-^

      And yeah Mistynia I love the art myself too (credit to suzuko), and I'm actually quite open minded about shipping.
    19. Mistynia
      Once again, Happy Birthday! ^0^ Hope you had a great day so far <3

      I've gotta say, I love your profile icon (even though I'm not a Advanced Shipper ^^; )
    20. ~Mist~
      That's good to hear! *munches on cake* xD
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    May 1, 1989 (Age: 30)
    The Netherlands
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokemon, Soccer, Music, AS&PS


    Bring Back The Golden Age