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  • Yeah, I just always seem to be busy and haven't even been able to update my fic in a few months now, let alone post in the thread. Sorry to leave you hanging like that.

    Thanks for the comment on the episode discussion idea, though :D I figure two weeks can give us enough time to have everyone contribute something to the topic, as well as bring up interesting points to discuss about it. I think it's just a fact of life that people will come and go, and I really don't like the current anime at all; it seems to be nothing more than a giant promotional facility - even more so than it usually is. Still, with Platinum getting a US release very soon we may see some more new faces coming around as the whole Pokemon spark gets reignited temporarily. It'll be fun to see what happens :D

    I read your post - good start, though I feel like you're going to add more later. I also have to discuss it myself, but I just haven't found the time yet. I'll get on it soon, though.
    Yeah, the rules kind of fail imo
    I mean...you can vote for yourself ?! I don't think that's a good idea...
    And not nominating somebody alread yon the list...what does that mean -_-


    You're right about that vibe...I talked to Kris as well on a random occasion, and we agreed that we didn't see that one coming like that :eek:

    So yeah...I feel her version was better concieved and organised.
    Dude...You and I are the only people who define each other for the 3PShiping here xD
    Thanks for the thought, it's very appreciated :)

    What would you mention me for in the Awards ? I thought of you for rising star...since you still don't get enough recognition for your work :/
    Yeah, I hate those amvs, if you can call them that, with a few pictures or unedited clips.

    But wouldn't that be a biased decision?

    I'll keep trying. No worries.
    I just saw it.

    Wah, I didn't get anything?? T^T
    I'm starting to lose confidence...I haven't won anything recently...
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