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  • Actually no, I'm sadly not enjoying it :'(
    I'm overwhelmed by university, but I try to keep some open space for the simple things in life :)
    Like watching Barcelona destroy Atletico Madrid 6 - 1 :D I seriously had an orgasm watching that match ^^

    I think I sent you a friend request on facebook...ever get it ? ^^'

    Anyway, keep in touch ;) How are you doing by the way ?
    :eek: Woohoo I'm the best! XDDDDD

    Lawlz, popular. XD

    Yes, go on MSN! Now. >D

    And I heard you and Uza made up? Uza said she forgave you and all that. Yaaaaaaaaaay!
    Hallo! Life is currently kinda insane for me. The usual family conflicts tackle me yet again. xD

    Yeah, or else I'm going to get a little crowd of people who'll keep aksing me stuff. xDDDD Yeah, right now I have some free time, so I'm just putting my mind into thinking mode for the fic. I already have an idea of what to do for the new chapter but have to get it in words correctly. ^^;

    As for the award banners... yeah, I'll seriously have to do them, too. I'm feeling guilty that I got people asking me about them, so I'll do the banners when I can. I just want the thread closed already so that can get off my back until next year. xDDD

    Thanks, and you too! =D
    Thanks for dropping by ^__^
    yess, let the crack begin xD But apparantly after we left, not a lot of people came online or something. Therefore Gaz and Buster didn't come on as much. =P
    It is! It is! I really love it! And I can't wait until we're in it! *shot* xDDD
    ahahaha, I don't think so :p
    Let's just hope the 4th poule winner doesn't go out as well !

    Cause if it's Germany - Italy in the final, I swear I'll be disgusted with football...
    Let's see what happens next :)

    Any new favourite ? I'm betting on either Russia or Spain.
    er...well, this is weird for me, since : out of the 4 games Netherlands played, they played 3 exceptionnaly, and 1 very good, but Russia played exceptionnaly when you played very well :/

    How are you holding up ?
    ...I don't want to talk about it...
    I can't remember the last time I cried so much...we weren't lucky...at all.

    We were better, but life goes on !

    Just do me a favour, win this thing so Germany/Italy/Turkey don't have a chance :)

    Good luck ;)
    Thank you for your message!

    Of course I still know you - as if I'd ever forget one of the main AdvanceShipping veterans! 8)

    Yeah, sometimes my status would be better described with "passive" rather than active ;) I am mostly active in the main Anime forum, though I still watch the AS thread every day and read the newest posts.

    I do plan to post there more often from now on, seeing how the discussions are so vivid again like in the old days. Nice to see you and other older members back again as well =D
    I completey agree, as I've already spoken with Uzamaki and Chelc about it via PM (I was too busy to construct a well-written post yesterday and so I asked Chelc to postpone any premature closure of the existing thread). At the end of the day if the majority of Advanceshippers are voting for it I don't want to be the only one stamping my feet - if it's for the good of the 'ship then I don't want to stand in its way.

    I do, however, feel that we need a good, active, responsible owner of the new thread to keep things in check (imagine what would happen if someone like TheHorizon managed to get that position). It's interesting to suddenly see all these new Advanceshippers springing up and offering to own the thread - I definitely think it should go to someone trustworthy/well-known.

    Thanks for the message, and I agree with your nominations - you, STJ or Uzamaki would all be fine thread owners. My main concern is that the old thread will disappear but I've been assured by everybody that it'll stay and won't get pruned from the forums. I'm still gonna make a personal backup of it though, just because :D
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