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  • Congratulations, you've just put Italy back in the competition...

    Remember how you told me that Italy and Germany always seem to win in the end ? Well, I hope I won't have to say "I told you so..." when the semi-finals arrive...

    Still, I'm hoping for that final Netherlands - Croatia ^^
    Robben, definately...

    Robin's was a bit lucky (he has the whole goal open, and he hits Coupet) and Sneijder's is still magnificent, but Robben's was just...breathtaking...

    Now, there is one thing left for the Netherlands to do : let Romania win xD
    ...now that was some beautiful goal...

    Pure inspiration from van Nistelrooy, simply beautiful....then Robben...then van Persie...beautiful !!
    Avoiding Portugal is a big advantage...seriously ^^'

    Thaks, we could have won by more, but I'll take the win xD

    Good luck against France (though personnaly, I believe you'll annihilate them :p) and yeah, you don't know what will happen...
    Who would you prefer to face in the quarter finals ? Spain or Sweden ?
    Sneijder rocks, always was one of my favourites (along with Huntelaar of course xD) even if he does play for Real Madrid :(

    Yeah, no doubt you'll go through ;)

    Austria scared the sh¡t out of me on Sunday ._.
    Haven't seen them play like that since that match against you guys where they were leading 3-1...
    Plus we sucked, we were exhausted, and I have no idea why -_-

    We'll pull through, we'll find something lol
    True that -_-
    Lucky båstards always pull through thanks to a sh¡tty penalty, or an own goal at the 90th minute...makes me sick at times...
    Thank yoooou !! ^^

    And yeah, let's get it on !! *determined face* To be honnest, I really feel Croatia can do something this year :)
    And we did get into a much easier group than you guys did :/ (though I'm betting that the Netherlands and Romania will go through ^^)

    And why not eventually see a final Croatia-Netherlands ? xD
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