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  • Hi! I just added your FC on Pokémon Go. My name there is NovaBrunswick, same as on this forum.
    Yay! I need more friends on there. I’m Tondemotours in case you get confused looking at your friend list.
    I'm always down for some good angsty romance, though. I love watching my babies become each other's salvation. (tbh? i just really love studio killers? so much...)
    Yesss! Same, honestly, though tbh I love romance of all kinds. (Also, Jenny by Studio Killers just came on and all I can think of is Lexinoe now)
    Ooh, I feel that. Lexa is straight up lesbian, but she doesn't quite know yet. All she knows is that she doesn't like guys, and it hasn't really dawned on her that Girls. If we do decide on Lexinoe, we could definitely have some cute softening moments of "okay yeah so i might be in love with you"
    Y'know, I am considering playing Lexa as having a crush on Arsi... and by considering, I mean that's exactly how I'm playing her. >u< Whether or not Arsi returns the feelings is up to you.
    Guns just reminded me, I knew of a song called Little Toy Gun by Honey Honey, it's pretty good. Tbh? I like female bands I just don't know a whole lot. Like, I adore Marina and the Diamonds.
    ooh, nice! it's a fun song, i really like it!

    Yeaaah I need help, because I know very few female artists, and I need songs that aren't about dudes, because, well, Lexa.
    Weeaboo games? o_O Can't say I'm knowledgeable about that....specific term. (Who knows, maybe I know it under a different term or something.)
    And no one likes a "gamer gurl". XD

    Are we talkin' big chain like gamestop, or one of those smaller sorts of stores? (Unless you don't want to answer that, which I'm cool with. :p )
    I've been good. Shaving away my antisocial tendencies, have friends now, on the evergoing quest for my passion in life...

    the usual. :p
    Oh wow; Asti. It's been too long (once again, been too long. xD) How've you been?

    I'm sure there are things similar to Regalis out there....but nothing will really be the same as it. >_<;
    Oh man; Regalis....wow that was a long time ago.

    I'm sad to say the name doesn't ring a bell, but it's still nice to see you again. :) (I honestly don't have the best memory in the world. x_x)
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