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  1. Hydrangea

    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Alright dudes pack it in. No more talking about the lemon fic on the media intended for children forum.
  2. Hydrangea

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    We're too busy dealing with the insane amount of alts you make, Scott.
  3. Hydrangea

    Scambots (and how to deal with them maybe?)

    There has been a plug in installed that catches *some* of them, but a lot slip through the cracks. Best thing you can do is report them so mods can deal with them. I usually comb through the forums before I go to bed at night to catch some.
  4. Hydrangea

    NiGHTS: Voyage of Dreams sign ups

    I'm not sure how you managed to dig up this thread but the last post was from 2011, meaning 11 years ago so it's unlikely that you'll get a reply/be able to participate in this roleplay. Sorry! You're welcome to start your own though! I'll be locking this one in the meantime.
  5. Hydrangea

    It just keeps happening

    It just keeps happening
  6. Hydrangea

    April 8th: PM2019 105 - Eievui and Nymphia! Encounters and Reunions!!

    General warning to stay on topic as this thread has been a repeated issue. It's not hard to discuss an episode and stay on topic without toxicity. If it continues this thread will be closed.
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    I'm sorry little one

    I'm sorry little one
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  9. Hydrangea

    I cannot insert an image into my signature

    Glad you solved the issue! I'll close up this thread. :)
  10. Hydrangea

    Didn't want to double post in the thread, but my SU is good to go!

    Didn't want to double post in the thread, but my SU is good to go!
  11. Hydrangea

    Dusk Until Dawn (Sign-Ups)[M]

    I gotta finish my history but then I'll be all done! Should have it done by tomorrow :)
  12. Hydrangea

    Dusk Until Dawn (Sign-Ups)[M]

    I'll take a reserve as well! This looks super cool Name: Iris Hazel Epps (Iris Epps) Age: Twenty-Two (DOB: September 29th, 2xxx) Gender: Female Appearance: Iris is about average height, standing at 5'5" but being a little on the chubbier side in terms of weight. She carries it well, but it...
  13. Hydrangea

    Feedback and Suggestions Thread

    The discord still exists but it's very inactive. No one really uses it unfortunately, the last message posted in there was August of last year.
  14. Hydrangea

    Writing Tips Thread

    Having trouble coming up with the right words for a plot or sign-up? Or maybe simply looking to improve? This is the place for you! This thread is for: Asking for writing tips pertaining to roleplaying (not really a homework help thread if that's what you were hunting) Getting your paragraphs...