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    April 8th: PM2019 105 - Eievui and Nymphia! Encounters and Reunions!!

    General warning to stay on topic as this thread has been a repeated issue. It's not hard to discuss an episode and stay on topic without toxicity. If it continues this thread will be closed.
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    I'm sorry little one

    I'm sorry little one
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    I cannot insert an image into my signature

    Glad you solved the issue! I'll close up this thread. :)
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    Didn't want to double post in the thread, but my SU is good to go!

    Didn't want to double post in the thread, but my SU is good to go!
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    Dusk Until Dawn (Sign-Ups)[M]

    I gotta finish my history but then I'll be all done! Should have it done by tomorrow :)
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    Dusk Until Dawn (Sign-Ups)[M]

    I'll take a reserve as well! This looks super cool Name: Iris Hazel Epps (Iris Epps) Age: Twenty-Two (DOB: September 29th, 2xxx) Gender: Female Appearance: Iris is about average height, standing at 5'5" but being a little on the chubbier side in terms of weight. She carries it well, but it...
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    Feedback and Suggestions Thread

    The discord still exists but it's very inactive. No one really uses it unfortunately, the last message posted in there was August of last year.
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    Writing Tips Thread

    Having trouble coming up with the right words for a plot or sign-up? Or maybe simply looking to improve? This is the place for you! This thread is for: Asking for writing tips pertaining to roleplaying (not really a homework help thread if that's what you were hunting) Getting your paragraphs...
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    Feedback and Suggestions Thread

    I actually think that's a great idea. (Although I'm not sure how well it would help some people's spelling lol, perhaps more of a grammar assistance thing.).
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    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Liily - Sepulveda Basin I Can Fool Anybody in This Town (2019)
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    Manaphy Mishap - A Pokemon RP Sign-ups

    big ole wip Name: Aveline Winters Gender: Female Age: Eleven Appearance: Personality: Go all out. Flesh 'em out, make them real. History: Tell us about where your character comes from. Swap: A wild Swadloon that happened to be in the area. Other: If you need it? Pokémon Team...
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    RPG Ideas and Wishes

    Doing an interest check on a few different topics: A PMD related roleplay set in an entirely new universe with an overarching theme of self-enlightenment and finding what completes you. Partially inspired by the myth of the red string of fate. A Digimon Roleplay that focuses on some of the...
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    Manaphy Mishap - A Pokemon RP Sign-ups

    It's been awhile. I'd love a reserve as well please.
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    Count to 60 Before A Mod or Co-Owner Posts