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  • Hi... What is the World Ends With You?

    Lol jk yea it is one of the best games on the DS. I just got it less than a year ago because I heard about how good it was. I don't know how I missed it when it came out.

    Oh I just got my sig picture off of google images >.> (I don't know if I'm aloud to do that) yeah I just typed in 'Neku Banner'. 2nd picture
    Sorry rge, I can no longer get my DS connected, we changed our internet provider, and for some reason I can't connect with my DS
    Oh right, same here, although they r called SAT's in England. I got three more tests and im done, really busy revising.
    Could you plese think what you say before ou put it down, cos it kinda clutters up my profile page, no offense but it looks un neat.

    I'll PM Rge tonight if im not too busy, i got exams so gotta revise, procrastinating right now
    To do spoilers in the thread go to "advanced reply" or something like that, you'll get a bunch more options above where you type and one of them is 'spoiler' you click that then type in what the title of the spoiler should be, then in between the (spoiler) and (/spoiler) (the parenthisis are actually [ and ] I just wanted it to show) you type in what you want it to say.
    My theory is Amy is kinda pregnant and then not, like positive negative all the time, because she's been on the TARDIS a long time. And the girl is Amy's positive/negative daughter, who's been affected by the TARDIS' radiation (or summin like that).


    btw, this is a Dr.Who post so disregard this if u wanna battle or trade
    Hey, I didn't know if you were gonna look at the dr. who thread again soon, so i'll just message you. Without giving a way any major spoilers, could you answer two questions yes or no for me?!?!?!?!
    1. Are there any major plot developments in tonights episode?
    2. Do we see the time lady girl thingy that regenerated last week?
    THANK YOU!!!
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