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  • I suppose you can say that. Quite a few things have changed here and there. When you do return, I wouldn't mind giving you a summary of everything that has happened, it would definitely be an interesting read. xP
    Christmas was good. Got Wii Sports Resort from my grandfather, which is awesome! Now playing Soulsilver FTW! I managed to snag both figurines from work, so I am totally happy!
    Hey honestly its no problem. Like i said to start with you're doing me a favour, everythings running on your terms :) I've had a go at doing a line drawing of Zoroark and its ****ing hard lol. Not many images to help with angles.
    Hey just asking but do you plan to attempt that drawing because i was thinking of waiting for that to go in my sig but if you're not doing it theres not really any point, could you just let me know please. Thankyou :)
    Really? Is this for real! I was hoping you'd ask, im so happy :D!
    What kind of drawing are we talking, a pokemon in a pose, a pokemon with an accessory. Other characters?
    6 months in australia thats awsome haha yeah im sure we will get to battle haha im not shy with girls i just aint interested in them that much to get them a valentines card haha
    Yup a couple of years ago, I imagined I didn't quite liked the weather are it was extremely hot for me , Sorry then I guess i not really a vacation after all
    have fun packing then :)
    aww thats ok well i can give you one when you come back and by then my pokemon will be more trained haha how log you going to australia for? ^_^
    thats cool. shame about the shop but i suppose you got to much business hahaha do you have pokemon pearl, diomond or platinum if so can you pm me you friend code (if you have one) and i will give you a battle ^_^ ( i started new game so it would be restriceted to 42 and unders if you can) ^_^
    Vacation time huh? Tucson? I used to live close to Tucson Arizona before moving to California, it's the weather still hot there?.
    I never heard of it.:( I have been pretty good I had to get rid of an annoying little kid around here and now everything fine ;)
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