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  • Let's see it then ;D I can't wait for the battle! Just keep in contact and it'll happen sooner or later! Because it's not hard see me forget stuff =p
    Oh, I'm as interested as before! I do battle less than before. Study, mod, breeding and battles all compete for my time, but I'm way more relaxed now, with vacations comming. I'm preparing myself for platinum now, one or two more breedings and I think I'll be ready to battle you, because sure it's going to happen! It's nice to battle someone you haven't battled for a while. Completely new teams and such makes everything more different! =p

    And thanks about the good luck again xD We're really going to need it!
    Hum, so welcome back to SPPf! ;D Welcome to the mess! Lol.

    And, it happened so sudden! I have never spoken to a single moderator in the forum, the only thing I did was that FAQ thread from Help thread, but the mods seemed to like me since I posted at the 3rd gen forum when DP wasn't even released, it's been different! Stressful sometimes, especially now with the new rules, but it's just now, so it'll be solved soon!
    Nothing much...Saw on SPC that you said you were going to commit Serebii-cide..So I checked.
    Yet, we both share one thing...our love for Blastoise...

    That's a big family. Two children in our family. We both like Pokemon. My sister likes Fire-types and Grass types.
    yes, I noticed that...

    My background was back when I was really young. You see, I was a young reader, and one of the first things that I read was a Pokemon book, the one where Charmeleon evolved to be exact. Then one day, my cousin came over with Pokemon cards and taught be how to play the TCG. Later on, I became a bigger pokemon fan and for Christmas, I received Pokemon Blue version. I then played it and started with Charmander at first, but kept losing. So I restarted, and noticed that there was a Water-type Squirtle. I thought well it is water like swimming so I picked it. Then, I was winning the game, easily. So Blastoise soon became one of my favorites.

    Yeah, if everyone liked the same thing, then life would be boring.

    Thank you for the compliment.
    no problem...
    well, I loved water anything...not just pokemon and that's how I first had Blastoise. Later on, he became my favorite pokemon over all. And in turn, that's also what got me into pokemon.
    Well, competitive battling's not my thing. Although I love playing a lot of Nintendo games. Like you, Pokemon is my favorite.
    Yes I am. Just as you are part of it. I have a feeling you're going to be a great asset in that club.
    Hello Hydro King, how are you? I see you've taken a liking for Blastoise as well. My name is CyberBlastoise as you can tell *extends hand*...I am a shipper and a gamer.
    how are you?
    Pretty much! And I'd only get them and trade back anyways probably. I want Totodile more than any stinking legendary. >_>;;

    You would have to after- How many years of doing it?
    It really does suck. I can't get any of the event Pokemon without it. Not that I'd use them anyways. =/

    And that would get tiresome very easily I could imagine.
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