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  • Hey, I've been trying to contact eclipse with little success. I sent them an email and got no reply and i cant see them on your freinds list. Do they go under and different name?
    Hi, saw some of your eveelutions work in your "pond of drawings" i visited the website and had a look around. It said you were in dire need of some hand-drawers. I'm not a great artist but im ok at drawing, i was wondering how do people get involved?

    a few examples, though you may have seen 'em before.

    I copied a sprite for this image.

    ...and a pokemon accessory for a freind.
    I agree,December is the most crazy month of all,I always thought it was Photoshop exclusive due to being a lot more popular than other editing programs

    you're welcome :),well then congratulate her,tell her she has a lot of talent, I'm horribly bad at shading somehow ,well that's fun too,both deserve credit,,there's always a way to learn how to draw better right?

    Thanks , I hope you had a great Christmas as well don't worry I'm starting to get used to it,I learned I don't win anything blaming everyone about what happened ,just the Hospital he he,oh yes Happy New year as well the same for you, I hope you had a lot of fun :)
    Your drawings looks really good, are you sure they are your first one ever,?
    I liked the purple hedge dog:)
    exactly,but the food was delicious so I can't complain ,,yes too big ,I'm extremely thin he he,yes it's kinda fun,I was tired of Diamond version already.,what a name he chose he he, I named mine Martini lol,It only works for photoshop?,sure thing I'll take a look at your "attempts" at drawing :)
    Thanks ,it means a lot to me :)
    that's the bad thing about Christmas and new year, a lot of food,and a lot of pounds haha,I have been cleaning my house too whatever helps me to go bak to my actual weight ,yes ,the costume was too big for me so , I put back my Clothes and I only used the santa hat ,yup a Nintendogs Chihuahua & friends :) ,I heard about them ,it makes more easily to draw ,if u ever draw something can I see it please?* puppy eyes* ,once I was tempted to buy one but at the end I didn't .
    Mine not luckily,
    Actually I do believe in god ,I know God is part of Christmas and it's what it makes it meaningful,but after certain Lost this year I have been kinda depressed ,so I was all Christmas remembering that person ,
    that reminds me I have to go to walk for all the turkey I ate he-he,,the fun part is that I disguised as "She Claus" ,I got shoes ,a pretty scarf and winter hat ,and a game for my Ds :)
    a Intuos4 Pen Tablet? sounds greats congrats!
    Yeah I don't survive without a laptop, but it will be fixed soon I hope,exactly for example last time I hardly used it and it was just taking space in my pc with brushes fonts etc,I only used it when I felt like doing a banner or something but it wasn't that often.You're right I would love to use Photoshop instead but I don't want to pay that's why I used "GIMP ", you're welcome :)
    Yes, I still need to fix my laptop but I haven't yet ,I'm like still deciding if I should download gimp again I'm still not sure since somewhat I forgot how to make quite a decent graphic and I lost the "touch" , I'm sure you can I saw your recent banner and their awesome

    It was nothing plus you don't need to thank me it was fun after all ,I'm glad we met as well :)
    I'm so sorry for the so late reply my laptop went crazy thanks to windows vista but my old pc is back and running once again
    about your question is I got some information back but I don't know if I will download gimp again I might still be doing those animation but im not so sure
    Lol mu failed attemp at gloss:

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