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  • Haha, lol. I would teach you stuff if i could. The first song i ever learned is one of my favourite songs, Sunshine of Your Love. I aslo play Drums, Double Bass and Piano

    lolyup. If i get good marks in Music all the way through HS then i can go to aberdeen university of music. And if you get a diploma from their, Music Companies get very interested :3
    Eh, we became pals on the WAYLT i think early this year, and i sound like DD? Oh noes *Face to palm, well your not the first xD. Nope he hasnt changed either in the year ive known him xD

    Ah hey no problem, its hard to find good talent these days. I was just talking to him and he said he got a new banner up, i said whoa thats amazing, and he said you made it, and that you had a gallery on here, so i clicked, and well xD I was amazed ._. xD
    ive been playing for 7 years. i can play Through The Fire And The Flames pretty well

    yeah, they are good marks. I got a music exam on Monday. Got to play 2 songs on keyboard, 2 on drums and 1 on guitar
    you play guitar too? awesome

    imex good. Passed 2 of my exams witth flying colours.
    97/100 on Frnech and 112 / 120 on geography
    Hydro, I have a question......
    How did you crop render? When I do that, it always left some white line.....like this:

    and your one of the two banner maker I want to ask but first I need to know how to have the banner.

    how life.
    can you ignore my PM because I going to ask the co owner on how and what we should do for hte banner and how should we have it.
    yeah I fine I do take break ever now and then so no need to worry and yeah I send it to you in a little while. what I need is a banner for my Tag partner shipping thread.
    sorry I finding the picture I should have later tonight.

    anyway If your busy and don't have time to do it then that okay I won't force you to it.
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