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  • okay thanks that if you want to I won't force you to do it.

    and yeah true.

    okay I PM it to you in a little while I going to take a break to rest my eyes.
    yeah that good it never snow here.

    and great. just trying to find someone who can make a banner.

    do you make banners?
    oh thanks :) i know i've noitced that the art forums have gone quiet recently :(
    hey erm do you know anybody who can make pokemon gym badges? they don't have to be able to animate them i just need some made XD
    hey any plans to re-open your shop? i have a load of requests i'd like done and i don't know who to go to XD especially because i know how good your work is.
    hello again :)
    do you know any good pain.net tutorials for making banners as i want to improve my skills
    Actually I didn't haha, but yeah I noticed that you don't log in that much now

    Yup,everything,I was extremelly surprised when it happened ,so now i'm using my laptop ,probably just sprites and art

    you're welcome it's actually really nice ,I don't think is cheesey ,haha you stole my phrase
    okay :)

    I had to look over at what was chapter 5 about Skuntank? how original,really? thanks !I know I have to fix that up for the upcoming chapters
    hey i posted some of my hand drawn fan art in the fan art thread. I'd appreciate if you had a look :) as you seem to know alot. Thanks :D
    oh that would be great XD! i only have ms paint, panit.net and corel paint shop pro.
    Could you also let me know when the shop re-opens coz i really like your work and i would like to have some banenrs done.
    I just saw the logo i think it's simple but nice
    i like the misty image you used " treat yourself to quality images " so true lol

    And don't worry if you ever want an overworld request i'll gladly make you one :)
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