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  • but well they are the first ones to blame

    I will close it,my old pc doesnt work and there was gimp,pictures,poems even my story and didn't did a backup ,and i doubt i will download gimp again I'm sad now ,probably i'll continue making sprites but later
    ok i'll check it out later to see how it is

    yeah haha,now I lost it
    yeh sorry i would've sent you more but i needed to know if you were interested first.

    For the artist part you have already made two very signifacnt pieces for the clan so you wouldn't need to keep doing more. i have shared the jobs out between 3 people. However if its not too much to ask i may ask you to from time to time. You could choose to take requests from members if you wish, you have full right to charge them as you see fit for your work.

    i tried posting it in the casual clans section however i was too impatient and it didn't work very well because i didn't spend much time on it. i am currently revonoating the entire front page and system of how it functions. i'm trying to get some important members in before i post it so people have more people to turn to if they need support or to ask questions. also if more people join that encourages others to.

    atm im doing homework but later on if you wish i can send you a template of the what the front page currently looks like.
    hey erm. you know the clan you made my banner for?
    well i put it up and it didn't go so well. i think it lacked authority. i was wondering if you would like to join as a member of the clan. you could fill in as a battler,artist,cloner etc. You don't have to be particularly active or anything; just the odd post. If you chose to take on the role of a job you would be rewarded for each job you did.

    would you be interested?
    Yeah haha,:) ,Yeah they almost filled the entire store with Candy ,none really decided to buy candy this year ,but like a friend of mine said " It's shame all that delicious candy was wasted" ,but yeah they should have learned from last year

    yup, but I still need to practice so far just a friend asked me for one ,the shop is emptier,well all the Fan Art shop section lately, I suppose you posted it in the shop if not would you mind sending me the link?,yes I write mostly are poems,but I felt like writing something different out of boredom I wrote 7 chapters already
    here's the link

    I just submitted chapter 5 today :)
    It's funny I should get that motivated for College not from writing Stories he he
    Oh yes I forgot and witting blurry story would you like to read it someday?

    it doesn't make that munch sense but since I'm the one who wrote its obvious lol
    Yeah you almost disappeared,here just a few kids came by and lot of candy was left which me and my sister ate well mostly her,I just bought a Halloween T-shirt I liked I wasn't in the mood somehow

    That's nice,I learned how to do overworld sprites animation and I opened a shop by myself which haven't got many request but it's fun ,I would like to see the Logo though :)
    You don't need to thank me ,I still think you did a great job with the shop a lot of users wanted a banner made by you

    I had to give candy to the kids that came ,and I laughed at most costumes, and ate candy as well,you?
    I saw your post on your shop
    I don't think you failed as a shop owner ,plus having a shop and that takes a lot of time and responsibility that's why I closed mine
    don't feel bad about it I think you did a great job =)
    Hey, can you plz change the pokemon to' Tyranitar, Rotom-H, Dragonite, Forretress, Gyarados and Heatran, all looking very evil, and the text saying, Ownage comes Naturally - Shucklez
    Fc 3609 8170 8375
    and can u like add stuff u think wud make it look cool, coz im on like a 30 win streak and i need a cool banner =D
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