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  • Do you ever tire, as I do, of certain individuals whining because they have outdated stuff and no clue how anything works?
    Please, please, stop asserting things you're unsure of.
    This would result in complete silence from certain individuals.
    Don't regret the topic. Regret certain clueless individuals who swarm to it.
    Hey, I had a question. My phone has been going dead at random battery percentages, and I was told by a friend to back it up and do a factory reset. Is this the correct course of action, and if so, how do I go about doing it?

    I have a Galaxy S4 Active, if that's any help
    I'm really sorry about my signature.
    I was just planning on shorttening it too.
    I am at fault here.
    (I know it does not change much. I just wanted to say I was sorry)
    You're not the same guy as Hydros on Youtube, are you?

    He made a video recently that showed what it would look like if Mega evolutions could use Z-moves.
    Well happy ultra belated birthday!

    I saw that your previous post was a birthday wish from Kirby. The day wasn't that long ago.

    Anyway, how is your life going? How do you feel about still being a mod?
    I could see them talk about various "back to school" deals that wouldn't be pre-release information.

    I guess that we could agree at least in part that the leaks will probably be an big bargain advertisement.
    It's odd to have only that as there historically first Facebook livestream. Nintendo has used Twitch, Twitter and Youtube a whole lot more than Facebook (at least from what I have seen).

    Though I don't think that it fully be about Nintendogs and Cats (& Knuckles), I put my expectations low. In this case, no news is just no news.
    Fair enough. I don't want to see a fiasco like:

    Before livestream: I can't wait for Nintendo news.
    After livestream: That's it. Nintendo is just desperate. I hate this stream, and I going to emphasize my feelings about it.

    (You get the idea.)
    Could the Nintendo Direct thread be reopened with the Nintendo's facebook livestream announcement? I don't know if this is a direct per se, but I think them declaring it as their first facebook livestream might have some merit.
    The thing is in both PMs and VMs you are restricted to just one on one conversations. Kind of hard to involve more than one person. I'll ask both of them. Let's see what they say.
    Would it be a breaking of rules if there was a thread in the Games Forum specifically to discuss the games and the Face-Offs? I think it would be great to discuss game ideas etc with the other regulars of the section, that subforum is really popular nowadays, especially the Face-Offs. The discussion would strictly be about the Games/Face-Offs in the Games Forum, not spammy and random like Count to 60 (R.I.P). So, how about it? You could just try it for a week or two, if there is a lot of off topic chat, you can just close it. Awaiting your reply. :)
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