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  • It's all good ^_^

    No kidding... I think people are running out of ideas... the same thing with the movies these days... I've convinced several people I had seen a movie before by perfectly predicting upcomming plot turns, reactions, and lines... It freaks them out XD


    I is still attached... and has no life -_-
    Ok. I finally got an SD card that works for my camera. The guy at the store told me that xd cards fit in the camera when they don't. :(
    We found this weird bug around our place. It's like a March Fly/Wasp hybrid with a big, flat, red stinger. Any clue as to what as to what it could be?
    XD ^_^ My siblings are REALLY good at some of these games and it's so cool to watch them play them perfectly. ^_^ And they like having me as an audience. There's this one horrer game my second oldest brother was playing and all but my oldest brother would watch him play. He said it was so borring when he played it again by himself because he always knew, even the first time he played, where the 'scary' parts would be and it was a lot more fun when he had a group to be scared and surprised at all the right places and to have people to talk to ^_^

    I REALLY love doing logic puzzles in video games. There was this one game(I don't remember what it was called) that two twin friends of mine(they are several years older than me) were playing and they got stuck at this one part and had no idea what to do. I was like 5 or 6 at the time and I walked in and watched them look around the room, all puzzled, for a few minutes and then I pointed out what I thought they should do and it worked XD They are still surprised by it today.

    Happy New year BTW ^_^
    I got a new camera instead of the pink one. I'm something like the 10,00th best creator in Flipnote. :) So, how was you're new year?
    I know how that is.

    Although I have a lot of siblings, so I get to play with them... but most of the time I'd rather watch them play XD I'm not sure why...
    So, Christmas has come and gone once again, eh? Our family got Wii Fit Plus from 'Santa'. And I got a PINK camera....My dad thought it was blue. I'll just take it back later. So, did you get anything good for Christmas?
    Cicadas? Bees? Moths? Aren't they okay? I have bout 100 millipedes where I live. They're everywhere! Even nn the lightbulbs.
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