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Recent content by Hype_chao

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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    Tom is just getting eerily close to just being a Pokemon-world version of you, BNB. Thats never a bad thing though. I still woulda went with the mechanised deployment of Miror B's Afro-Parasol, but thats me replaying the mental imagery over and over. Thanks for giving me the credit for...
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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    "It’s afro-tastic!" I'm sorry, using that line is punishable by death. The chapter didn't get all that far, but darn was it funny. I really couldn't pick out any glaring problems, your writing seemed spot on this time, although I think you used "off" instead of "of" at one point, meh I'm...
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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    You were alot better on the humour and the characters this time around, however your dialogue often TRAILS for so long, I lost interest during the opening speeches (However I noted you used this as a sneaky way of explaining how to "fix" a shadow pokemon), the humour flies fast during a lot of...
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    Sonic Adventure 2 battle Chao Help

    Easy as that, beating your chao won't reduce their lifespan, just make them VERY UNHAPPY.
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    The NEW Official Super Smash Bros. Brawl Thread

    "1. I thought Saki was a girl." You too... The game doesn't exactly give you many hints if you ignore the cutscenes, plus he has long hair and his n64 model looks like he is wearing a skirt. His huge hips don't help either. Great game though, storyline confused the life out of me, any game...
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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    Firstly: a complaint: Every single pokemon appears to be either stupid, evil or sarcastic, and despite how funny such personalities are, I see the detail you've put into the plot itself, and it makes me frown that other parts of the fic suffer this way. Moving a bit away: The fic is...
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    Strategy Guides: Which companies are making them this time?

    Prima, ughhh. Their guide for FR/LG was absolutely the worst thing I have ever seen, it only showed islands 1-3, and failed to elaborate on anything except the main storyline, I actually beat the game easier following my old R/B guide... They have failed.
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    Casino (for those that have the game..)

    Also, the Game Corner is officially rigged, you cannot possibly win without either a pokeball or a clefairy of the bottom screen. Its rather infuriating, but darn that Game Corner dance remix is so feaking nice! Don't beleive me? See for yourself!
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    What Shiny is your fav?

    Shinx is all pretty gold-like, like Shiny rentorah. (I'ma too lazy to learn english names...)
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    What Shiny is your fav?

    Way to go predictio!
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    If you have pre-ordered the games, tell us if it was odd (like mine!)

    EB representatives are slow on the preorders...And they always talk you about irrelevant things, like 'I can remember when I used to play videogames on big tapes, like on the Atari" and I'm like, ".....Yeah....." Grr, a two second process becomes a fifteen minute chat about classics and...
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    What Shiny is your fav?

    Shiny Pachirisu/ Rentorah FTW! Hehehe, had to say it, pachirisu is awesome.
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    if i dont use iv's, ev's and all that stuff....

    Ehh, I care not for IV's, EV's or Natures, I just go with the flow and kick butt on the way. You still stand a chance against competitive people if you raise them wihtout caring, coz whether you like it or not, you're gaining EV's as you battle your way through the game.
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    Prolly something GTC related, something along the lines of Nintendo's ACWW freebies I hope. BTW hi Bobandbill.
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    Pal Park question

    I haven't checked this, but I don't think you can, seeing as GF changed the HM moves for pokemon for the first time, e.g. Dive = Rock climb, Flash = Fog clear... SO yeah, I think you can't as the invalid bytes would cause chaos in the game save. Maybe. I dunno.