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  • I'm doing good! I'm currently procrastinating on my homework.. currently in college. haha don't worry! I'm also an adult and it's not always that bad. At least the pokemon demographic is geared to a large audience, which includes those that are 20+, so you shouldn't feel bad! :)
    Do you still play the pokemon games?
    HYPER CHIBI ABSOL! Omg hi. Sorry, you probably won't recognize me by my new username but it's glameow500! I haven't been on Serebii that much in the past couple years but I just wanted to see how you are. I remember you were always so friendly to me. ^^
    I think what the reason was for my recession was because we didnt leave the that god forsaken park, and start over like we planned on in the first place. But then you met robyn and the more you talked about her the more depressed i got, i didn't want to tell you because she made you happy. but when u told me u had a crush on her my heart sank. and i plummeted into dispair. Now do you get why i was getting so much worse? if you please just give me one more chance we can move to cape cod and leave this hellhole and just start over, if robyn and/or mike wants to come they can come i guess but not to live with us though she/they/he can stay in the motel with us until she/hey/he finds a place, my uncle said he'd help pay for it because he didn't have an extra room (obviously we won't live there) i am going to try and get my old place back because the road runs parallel to the hospital. i already have you a job at super stop and shop;. its a giant grocery store and there is one in every town. cape cod is a sandbar which means alot of beaches we can go every day if you want. i plan on going next spring ok? everything is within walking distance there you will love it! so please take this into consideration. btw the minimum wage there is 8.50.

    sidenote i can now officially stand and take a shower on my own w/o falling :]
    Can you please reply to the pm when you felel you have an answer, please Alicia. I spent alot of ime on it (three days to be exact)
    omg i aaammm soooooo sorry for how i treated you all these years. i wish we coulld turn back time more than anything back to lehigh ;_;
    i swear to you i have, and we were going to do all that. with each other... please believe mw when i say i never meant to hurt you i know it doesnt change the fact that i did,but i swear on my dead stepmothers grave it will never happen again so please reconsider our friendship, there were alot of good things between us too u know.

    ps. i didnt steal anything.
    pl;ease dopnt say that didnt our 6 years mean anything to you, alicia please reconsider...
    i have gotten so much stronger for youan d i will never ever hurt you again
    After you said so I went and looked at it.

    Whatever happened hope it's okay now

    Oh these are pretty random ones that aren't that popular except for maybe GlassMask. LetterBee is weird and hard to describe, its better to just watch an episode. Log Horion is basically about people whoone day wake up in a world that is based on an RPG they play but they begin to notice that things in this world are a bit different and that the non player characters are real people with feelings and stuff. Its really interesting and smart, its a lot about strategy and life in that world versus random violence or fighting
    Wow O.O you weren't kidding, thats tough, not that I have any personal experience with something like that. I can only sympathize.

    .hack//SIGN sounds like a darker version of SwordArtOnline. Pretty cool, might watch an episode tonight. I love all the anime you listed to as well as LetterBee, Log Horizon, Glass Mask (I do like some Shoujo >.> ) and bunches of others
    When I hear that people meet eachother over the Internet I always feel that's a bad sign :( hope you've moved past that now.

    Onto a lighter topic, what kind of anime do you like?
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