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    NO MY PREDICTION :'( lol that's the 3rd time my prediction has gotten to the top 5, I think.

    Anyway, I vote Jellicent. Don't care about revenge, Jellicent just sucks.
    Try havingyourprediction make secondplace, almost ten times (I'm getting there)

    Try h
    Because GLaDOS killed everyone with neurotoxins, he was one of the very few survivors. He was hiding in little places while the last of the last still around died off on their own as well. So, when you have no way to take a shower or shave... That will happen. There's also the fact that he had schizophrenia, which made it worse.
    And those weird drawings you saw are a major thing to note. It will make sense on who makes them if you read the Lab Rat comic.
    Point, but I think it's pretty flexible. Perhaps I'm wrong
    Compared to Windows and Linux, Mac's flexibility is almost non-existent.

    Mac does get viruses, but they have built-in protection software and much of the viruses that do attack them are killed.
    There is no more built in protection in a Mac than there is in a Windows computer, in fact there's probably less.

    My computer isn't exactly the greatest Windows (yes I do have one), but it crashes all the time from simple things like loading an app (usually I just force quit, although force quitting on Macs is much better). Macs don't do that.
    Macs don't do that because Apple has designed it to be so closed. Applications written for Mac have to be written a certain way, have to have Apple approval. Not to mention Macs are all the same, whereas Windows has to work for thousands of different pieces of hardware.

    As for your specific issue it could be as simple as your hard drive has crashed. Force quitting is the same across all operating systems, because as a base they all use the exact same command to close an application. It depends on what you're using to force quit.
    Don't wanna spam up survivor.

    So you're saying that since they don't work like PC or Linux, they suck? Yes, they are done quite differently, but they never crash randomly or get viruses. Unfortunately, less computer games are written for them, but as a whole, there is much better software available for them. They are overpriced, though.

    I think that both Windows and Mac (and Linux) are all useful in certain situations. Most people use Windows b/c they're cheapest and work the simplest things (web browsing, media playing, etc. Not saying that you're simple or anything).
    Mac is more 'simple' than Windows. It was designed that way. It was designed so anyone could use it.

    But the thing is, it was designed so anyone could use it only as Apple intended. There's so little flexibility, unlike with Windows or Linux.

    As for viruses, people say that a lot. Macs can get viruses, but no one wastes their time coding viruses for a Mac because there are so little Macs in the world, what good is infecting 1% of PC users when you could shoot for the 90% of Windows PCs?

    Crashing all comes down to the user, Windows will only crash if you do something to make it crash. I could just as easily make a Mac crash as I could my Windows or Linux boxes.

    My problem isn't really with OS X itself, although I'd never use it. It's really just Apple's business strategy and the way they market that gets on my nerves. And any people who use a Mac that try to say how much better it is than something else, when it is not.
    I know. You would be surprised at the ammount of people who do it.

    It's mostly newbies wanting to boost their postcount.
    I don't watch the anime though.
    Here's a tip. If you don't watch the anime, don't post in Anime Discussion.
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