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  • Out of the 3, I guess I would say Bleach. Even with all the mindrapes lately, I still like it. To be frank it was the only one of the three that I would read the manga and watch the anime for. I've long since dropped the Naruto anime, too many fillers and not enough that makes sense. I only read the manga to see how it all will end. Well I have never gotten into One Piece, so I guess I can't fairly judge it, but I don't particularly like it :p Dragonball is still definitely my favorite :p
    I will. I have a specific order though. Check my thread if you want :x

    Ah, it's not like random people will spam you. Just like how you dropped me a VM, people like to drop VMs for strangers too :S
    I am not attached to any ships. The only ones I don't have a good grip on is "Negai", but I am trying to cover that so that I could write a Negai One-shot for my project "50 shippings to boot with". (If my fanfics get me a grade, I'd have a gold medal for ideas :S)

    BTW, how do you block people from VMing you? A lot of people seem to put that. Scared of the view conversation button? :p

    My sig isn't actually visible. Here's a larger version : http://i906.photobucket.com/albums/ac264/dracoflare_2010/pizapcom13703680143071_zpsc1cfd92b.jpg

    Thanks, will have to wait a while for avis for next week though :p Not really no, like you said, it's mainly just work right now lol.
    Oh yeah same here, I went on a boat ride and we almost got stuck and it was lighting and thundering it was an ADVENTURE.
    I saw three anhingas, two cormorants, a couple of mottled ducks, a snowy egret, a great egret, and a great blue heron. X3

    Ah I like interaction based ships for Pokemon anyway. I figure nothing will become canon anyway. x) But for other shows there are some canon ships that I adore, but almost always my ship sinks orz.
    Um no not exactly. I could have written a thesis and all that, but it wasn't required for my school.
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