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  • Oh, I'm sure you could write a novel on him if you wanted to, Lu. I don't think I have ever seen someone go that in-depth with a Pokémon rival before and actually, if you think about it, you could probably do it with a lot of Pokémon rivals.
    Lu, I was looking around the Contestshipping thread and I came across some of your analysis of May and Drew's relationship and I have to say that it was all very interesting and very well-thought out. It made me look at Contestshipping and Drew as a character in a different light. You obviously really have spent some time analyzing all of Drew's appearances and reading your analysis really makes me think Drew could be one of the most developed characters in the whole anime. Great job! :)
    Lu, long time no speak! I guess you really had much to say about this DA! arc, huh? It is a great shame they decided to drop the Unova rivals like that.
    Ah, dropping you a VM to tell myself that I need to review your damn fic. 'Ash Connection' is very good, and even if I am not fond of the standard four cliche shippings I still liked your story very much. Saying this because I write similar fics :3 Expect a review at your door step by this weekend. Well this VM would be pointless otherwise.
    Yeah probably. Oh yeah and I see a lot of art blogs on tumblr. :) I don't know why but dA seems to have a lot of obnoxious people as well. >.>
    Yeah lol. XD There's a lot of nice art as well. :/ I just use it for posting my drawings, but even then I don't use it much.
    Aw I see. XD I'm more of an artist than a writer, or at least to say, I have more patience for drawing than I do writing, haha...
    Yeah I know, haha. But I should probably be clearer in that I could see you being an English teacher from your fanfiction to even your blog on tumblr. XD
    Haha, well it's definitely on top. XD I was in a program last semester for teaching kids conservation of the Florida Panther, and I really enjoyed it, so it really curved my attention toward education. :)
    Oh wow congratulations. ^^ Yeah college does move very fast. Like I don't even...it's moving faster than high school did. o.o; I'm also thinking about going into education (as a science teacher) but I'm *not* fully sure yet.
    Haha same here actually. I can't believe how fast this semester is going by. It felt like it just started a week ago. ._. I'm doing well, too though pretty exhausted today because I went birding in the morning I almost dozed off in botany. D;
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